Apps Increasing Effective Communication Between Parents and School

Apps Increasing Effective Communication Between Parents and School

Communication between school students and their families is becoming a lot easier with the new school communication apps that are now available in the market. With the invention of apps, schools are now trying to cut down on paper due to environmental impact. They are decreasing the printing costs by letting the weekly school news letter go off. The real benefit of having mobile apps is that they help people to remain connected, a concept which has been helping many people across the world. One method of achieving this is to use smart communication methods like phones and the internet. These school apps can be used by those parents who own smart phone devices like iphone or iPad since it would be easy for them to spend a great deal of time on these apps.

Learn about apps that are available

There are many apps available that can be used for communication and that might help your child learn and perform well even if he/she is unable to go to school due to sickness or any other reason. In fact hundred of apps are available mostly for iPhone which are especially designed for students so that they remain organized and are able to concentrate and learn efficiently.

  1. MyHomework: This app is completely free of cost if you are an iPhone user. This app will help the students to keep up with all the homework, if any assignments given and tests to be completed. There is also a small coding system where you just have to change colors for the assignments that are due and for those that are completed. You can also make and edit entries about your assignments you want to finish by what date and which assignment you would wish to complete later. It has a calendar view so that it becomes easy for you to add any reminders for homework or any school projects to be completed before time.
  2. iStudiez Pro: This application will cost you around two to three dollars and will help students to keep a track of their activities on campus. So, if you are confused with directions or get confused with your timings, then forget that worry! This app is just the right direction provider for you people. It not only guides you towards the correct routine for your daily lectures but also avoids you from getting lost. The campus that looks like a Takeshi’s castle is easier to follow with this app.
  3. Free Translator: From Google to Yahoo, free translator app is way too helpful for all the language barred people. Many a times, we struggle to understand certain things people say. This app is a savior with respect to the translation in every kind of language including the obscure ones too! iPhone lovers have a great advantage as it is a free one for them.
  4. Formulus Free: Mean, median, average, squares, cubes, volumes etc. are formulas in Math’s that we fail to remember. Come what may, it does play with your mind! So why not use this formulas free app? It frees our sponge like minds from remembering such big equations. So, be it geometry, algebra or any differential equation, it’s on your finger-tip, with just a click away.
  5. Free Books: We all are not born as scholars. Something’s are better away from memory than being haunted all the time. Books are our friends in all the phases of time. And iPhone lovers will love this Free Books app, as it will hardly cost them one to two dollars. But, which is the most preferred one too! We cannot keep in mind an author or genre for a book, but an app can always be a helping hand for the same. From kids to elders, we all should long to get such an app that makes finding easy. Now that we know these apps and their uses for us in our daily lives, we ought to know the advantages they have in store for us.
  6. Become paperless: As you all know, there will be dramatic reduction in paper as soon as online newsletter publishing starts. Even families that are not using smart phones can instead receive school newsletters or any other information via email. Soon there will be no more homes that might require hard copies of school related notes and newsletters. Also many other problems can be solved by using these apps. Many of the school children tend to forget to give their notes or newsletters to their parents while get lost or dirty. With events happening like this repeatedly, some of the apps were introduced so that even parents can read important notes as given by the school.
  7. Improving Communication: When schools provide school communication apps, it improves relations between parents and the school. Whenever a school plans to send newsletters or notes to parents or any emergency information has to be provided, then they can be easily informed through these apps and parents have to just respond to it if necessary. This makes a smooth, healthy and effective communication on both the sides.
  8. In this way these apps are going to be an integral medium of communication in the future. Schools are finding them to be a significant aid of sending important information to parents and on the other side parents find it a great way to receive and store all important school dates and other information so that it cannot be lost or forgotten easily. With the increase in parental use of smart phones, it becomes a logical move for schools to take advantage of the technology changing and improving communication between schools and homes.

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