Top 10 Tips to Crack IIT JEE

Top 10 Tips to Crack IIT JEE

IIT JEE is a dream platform for all engineering aspirants in the country. And, there are several thousands of them. While all of them put in their best efforts, only a handful get through the reputed IITs, NITs, and ISM through their AIR in JEE exam. This is why it is extremely important to understand the correct methodology to prepare for the exam, in order to attain a good rank. While many aspirants go for IIT JEE classes, others believe in self-study. Whatever be the choice of course, the modus operandi remains the same.

Thereby to ensure that they stay updated on the course of IIT preparation students need to keep few things in mind.

  1. Devise a subject wise plan for preparation: This is the first and most essential parameter to succeed in JEE exam. Students need to schedule their preparation time depending upon their level of understanding pertaining each and every topic, across the three subjects. They must prepare a detailed check list and take a cyclical route to preparation, by consequently preparing one topic each in every subject. This simple step will ensure that any one subject is not lagging behind. Moreover, just adapting to the approach of being thorough with all formulae, theorems, and reactions will prove highly effective and time saving.
  2. Prepare a daily schedule and stick to it: They say, time is money. And, it stands very true. Even if you have joined IIT JEE classes, they can only guarantee success when you are punctual with attendance, with assignments, with mock tests, and more. So, plan every day well and attend your classes regularly. This will ensure that you do not keep a bank of doubts with yourself, till the very last minute. The coaches and colleagues in your JEE coaching classes can help you with your doubts as you move ahead. Moreover, attending a JEE course will also ensure that you are evaluated at regular intervals, and are in know of your preparation status.
  3. Never ignore class XI syllabus: For those of you who are pursuing their XII standard and are self-preparing for the exam, this is one significant aspect to look at. At many times it is observed that students tend to ignore the class XI syllabus, or are unable to devote sufficient time to that. However, this proves highly detrimental to their cause, because a large proportion of the question paper is devoted to the subject from class XI. On the other hand IIT JEE classes ensure that they keep students connected with class XI syllabus through regular tests and revisions.
  4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: While, we might suggest you to complete the entire course, it is always advisable to ‘know yourself’. Understanding your own ‘strength areas’ and ‘weak areas’ will assist with scheduling the preparation time. For IIT preparation every passing minute is significant. And, if you can devote less time to a topic and still get a good grasp, then why not add that saved time to practice questions from the weaker area.
  5. Keep in-between revision time: This means that you need to keep updating and revising at regular intervals. You cannot schedule all revision towards the end of your entire revision schedule. Those who are a part of a JEE course, keep getting this opportunity frequently, but the ones self-preparing need to ensure that they take time out for mock tests on the already prepared topics regularly. This will keep the concepts fresh in their minds.
  6. Lead a healthy life: While IIT might be your whole sole target, an ‘unhealthy you’ can spoil everything. So, ensure that you take regular breaks from your daily preparation schedules. You can take time out for group studies (which will also ensure doubt clearing and some relaxation), exercise to keep your mind and body healthy, sleep well to feel fresh when you study, and of course eat well.
  7. Keep calm: This seemingly obvious and generic tip holds a great significance. Stress of any kind often causes blackout and in spite of all the hard work that you have put in IIT preparation, you can still be in a situation where you simply can’t remember anything. So, don’t take this lightly and practice meditation, whenever you can.
  8. Stay confident: Once you decide to tread on this difficult journey, stay confident of your own abilities. Recollect your past achievements and success stories to keep yourself motivated. This is just a tough phase to bear sweet fruit. And, you are so going to love that.
  9. Change your daily routine before the exam: Being a part of JEE coaching classes can assist you with better scheduling and expert guidance on that. However, if you are self-preparing be cognizant of the fact that your haphazard daily study schedules cannot go until the very last day. At least 10 days before the D-day arrives, change your schedules. Start relaxing your mind and keep it free from tensions. Revise on a steady pace to grasp more.
  10. Prepare the logistics in advance: At many times students tend to ignore important things like knowing their exam center, planning their travel, preparing the exam kit (admit card, stationary, water bottles etc.) till the very last day. These seemingly simple things cause a grave concern on the very last moment and can’t be looked upon. So, plan well in advance.

These abovementioned tips cover the entire gamut of suggestions for every JEE aspirant. From subject wise scheduling to focus on health, everything is as important to crack the reputed exam. All the best!

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