Top 3 Reasons to Attend the University Of Alabama

Top 3 Reasons to Attend the University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa is one best all-inclusive center of education in the country. It is filled with all the great reasons that lead you to attend in Alabama. The school is excellent, inside and out. Let’s highlight why the University of Alabama makes a superb choice for being a part of it.

1 Football History 

Alabama has a history for all budding football enthusiasts who desire to be a part of an outstanding football team. Besides, the stories tell about the achievement of great coaches that are part of UA’s glorious football tradition.

Alabama football is one of the most narrated legends in college football history. With the two most historic coaches being Paul Bryant and Nick Saban, Alabama has placed itself at the top of college football. Recently, it reached seventeen national titles which are the highest in American college football. It provides an excellent sporting atmosphere along with cheering for a great football team. The football events here is the stuff legends rea made of.

One can imagine the joy and ecstasy when you join a college that boasts of the country’s multiple times winning college football teams. September to December is the time when you find students and Alabama fans handle the entire quad queuing before the game at Bryant Denny.

The idea of cheering for such a legendary team is what catches attention. Going to UA would give a good reason to support the Tide wholeheartedly.

2 The Amazing Education Facilities

Due to the vast selection of classes, UA has been awarded recognition in various categories. Students have a lot to choose from in terms of majors and minors subjects.

When you enroll here, you become a member of an acclaimed education center. The University of Alabama is a nationally recognized institute and one of the country’s highest-ranked public universities. The new fall freshman class is considered the most qualified. It was ranked 110th in the 2018 edition of the most recent Best Colleges, of all the colleges.

Additionally, the Law School of Alabama is the 26th ranked law school of all law schools. The School of Library and Information Studies is ranked 28th nationally, along with the Law School.

You also get the benefit of scholarships. One of the main reasons to choose UA is that they gave some pretty hefty scholarships. Even if you have some low scores in ACT, it does not prove to be a deterrent. You qualify for a substantial scholarship. Whatever the case, students always choose to be a part of UA.

3 All-Year-Round Pleasant Weather

Where else will you find yourself amid pleasant weather throughout the year? All the nature’s bounties come to you in the form of relaxed hot falls, and there’s nothing like the beautiful springs and cool winters.

The weather anywhere else could not be better than the weather in Alabama. This is the right place for you if you like warm weather all year round and some warm weather summer times are near. The weather here provides space for many outdoor activities, and it’s ideal even to study. You can always go on a river walk or study outside the quad if you don’t want to study in your room or the library.

The above three were some significant reasons to join in Alabama. There are several other reasons which make University of Alabama a preferred destination for many aspirants.

Some Other Reasons Why Students Prefer To Be A Part Of Alabama University Include: 

1 Southern Hospitality and Warmth 

Anyone would like to be surrounded by Southern hospitality. Alabama offers this in abundance; the university abounds with students who want to get a piece of the South. Along with the great students here, the faculty is also excellent. It is filled with professors who care about their students motivate them to succeed.

2 Taste Of Greek Life 

Greek life here in Alabama is well-known. You can find lots of benefits in being Greek in Alabama. There is every opportunity to make a business connection with your close friends or through the student community. You can get help from your classmates or learn more about campus opportunities.

3 Home Away from Home 

The reason to attend the University of Alabama is that it is a place that feels like home. Even if you grew up just a few miles from the UA campus, Alabama comes across as a place where you get that homely feel, where you make friends for a lifetime and meet people who become your family.


The University of Alabama has a place for everyone and anyone. It is a place you truly belong, for all the right reasons. You get everything you want from the University of Alabama Supply Store.

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