Top 3 Six Sigma Certification In 2022

Top 3 Six Sigma Certification In 2022

Six Sigma certification is an organizational concept and management concept that describes the entirety of the principles, methods, and procedures for the efficient design of the entire value chain of industrial goods and services.

The goal: create added value for the customer and continue to motivate your own employees!

Both the philosophy and the methods make Six Sigma very quickly applicable through very concrete process optimization. You can opt for six sigma certifications in Mumbai from ISEL Global, a leading institute that offers quality education.

The top 3 courses that you can opt for your career in 2022 are –

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Green Belt certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt certification

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification: We will train you to become a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Become a change manager. The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is the first part of the classic Six Sigma training that all participants go through. The Six Sigma the methodology is an internationally recognized methodology for improving operational processes.

This is how the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training works:

The first day of training initially addresses the need for change and uses practical exercises to show how the willingness to change in an organization can be actively strengthened.

This is based on the realization that even the best methods are useless if the willingness to use them is lacking. On the following two days of training, the participant experiences the most important tools of Lean Six Sigma across all phases of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) using an example that can expressly come from your own company.

The benefits of online training

  • Questions, answers, discussions – also virtual: In the virtual classroom, you can ask questions to the speaker at any time and exchange ideas with participants.
  • Interactive virtual whiteboard: On the virtual whiteboard, you work on certain subject areas in a team.
  • Virtual break-out sessions: In the online training, too, you can work out certain tasks in small groups with participants and then present them to the other participants.
  • No travel costs and no travel expenses: You don’t have to travel or stay overnight to take part in the online training. You can take part from the comfort of your home or office.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:  We train you practically to become a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt! The training is based on a classic Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. You must therefore have attended a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course. In the Lean Green Belt training, the experienced trainer presents a selection of Lean Six Sigma methods that enable the participants to confidently lead a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project to success. You will learn and deepen statistical and non-statistical methods both in theory and in practice.

Six Sigma Green Belt Requirements:  The participants can also bring their own data from their projects into the training, which is then analysed and discussed in the plenum. The training consists of both team exercises and group work and concludes with a written exam. After a successful presentation and completion of the training project, the participant receives the “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” certificate. Following this training, you can qualify directly for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

As a participant in the training, you will work on an operational improvement project in your own area of ​​responsibility, which you will then present on a project day. This project is the basis for the subsequent certification.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:  We train you practically to become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified! Have you successfully completed the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training? Then qualify now for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and opt for practice-oriented training.

After completing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, you will be able to lead project teams and successfully manage demanding improvement projects. Parallel to the training, you will implement your own Six Sigma project in your company, in which you will be regularly supported by the experienced trainer.

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