8 Urdu Paper Solving Techniques for Federal Board

8 Urdu Paper Solving Techniques for Federal Board

Urdu is one of the compulsory subjects in the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Whether you’re an FSc student or an FA student, you have to study Urdu. This subject awards 100 marks. Therefore, it’s one of the lengthiest and most detailed exams in the entire curriculum. 


Although Urdu is the national and official language of Pakistan, a lot of students struggle to do well in it as a school subject. This is because most Pakistani students speak different languages at home. But Urdu is, despite everything, one of the most important subjects in high school. 


Federal Board is considered to be one of the most difficult boards of education in Pakistan. No matter how well you’ve studied with solved past papers and textbook notes, you won’t be able to do much if you don’t know how to best solve your paper.  In order to do well in your Urdu exam, here’s what you should do: 

  1. Pay attention to spellings and grammar. Urdu spellings are confusing, especially due to words with similar sounds but different letters in spelling. 
  2. Read your question paper carefully. Your mind might not be able to differentiate between similar looking words and, as a result, you’ll end up making big mistakes in your answers.
  3. Answer each question with relevant information. Don’t stuff your answers with unrelated facts in order to make them longer.
  4. Include quotes from well-known Urdu writers and poets. It brings out the best in your answers. But don’t use irrelevant or incorrect quotes!
  5. Keep your handwriting neat. If the examiner can’t read your answers, they won’t be able to grade you properly.
  6. Make sure that your writing speed is fast. Urdu exams are lengthy, especially in Federal Board. You won’t be able to finish your paper if you don’t write quickly.
  7. Save enough time so you can review and proofread your paper properly, in the end. You might have made many mistakes without realizing. It’s even possible that you could have accidentally skipped a question or two!
  8. Be mindful of the difference between conversational and formal Urdu. The Urdu you speak with your friends and family is not the one used in literature. You need to make sure that your vocabulary is appropriate. 


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