Usage of Phones in a Classroom for Higher Education Good Or Bad?

Usage of Phones in a Classroom for Higher Education Good Or Bad?

We are living in a technological era. And the change in educational system positively affected every student. In every field, we can see the impact of technology and it is really helpful to enhance the learning system and the teaching process. It raised the quality of education which helped students to achieve their goal and perfection learning process. In the past, only text materials are used while teaching and students just have to concentrate on study materials and have no other means of educational sources. But in this new modern era students are more free and independent to live their own life.

They have so many other sources through which they can collect information’s related to their lesson and subjects. In the past teachers and other educational institutions hesitated to apply technology in the field of learning but now technology plays an important role in the field of education.

Students use technological devices in their home for the educational purpose. They are focusing on individual learning and they will get what they want in their single touch. And using technological devices in the classroom enhance the learning process.

Now students have mini computers which they can bring into the classroom for their educational purpose and students can also use phones in the classroom for their learning purpose but we the teacher must be careful about its usage.

Encourages individual learning

As we know mainly technological devices are used for the entertainment part but as it was used for an educational purpose so many educational applications are developed to help students and teachers. Students use minicomputers in the classroom which really helps in the learning process and if we use phones in the classroom for higher studies it will also help the same. It will encourage individual learning. If they use phones it must be used for an educational purpose other than that must be banned.

If phones are used students can use it for solving their problems. Not all problems can be solved but more than 70%problems and confusions can be solved by students by using phones. They can check quickly and easily. There is no doubt that using phones in the classroom will be very useful but we must be sure that it’s used for educational purpose only. If not it will divert their mind and they will lose concentration on studies.

Learning become more effective

If we are taking any single subject as I am an English teacher it really helps. English is all about communication and pronunciation and teacher alone can’t do any magic in this subject. So if a student using mobile phones in English class it will be really helpful. The teacher can effectively move into the subject. The teacher can make use of mobile phone for checking pronunciation and also can use it for hearing certain conversation which will help to improve their communicative skills.

When we are teaching phonetically language in English class for higher studies we must be very sure of its symbols and its pronunciation so in such cases phones really become key factors and we can use it. So 80% we can say that using phones in the classroom for educational purpose is really good but it also depends upon the teacher and students.


When students use phones and other technological devices in the classroom we must make sure that the usage is for study purpose. If they concentrate on studies and use things for studies only it will help to time-consuming studies. They can check if they have committed any mistakes while learning the particular subject and also there were so many applications developed and teacher can straightly direct students to open it and it will be very effective and time-consuming. The teacher must be taken care of the use of phones and should observe the usage of those particular devices.

Distract learning

When we are talking about the benefits of phones in the educational process we must look at the other side too. If we continuously use the phones while learning it may affect their studies in negatively too. Maybe it may affect the concentration level of the students. We must see the negative sides too. When they use phones they may divert from the actual purpose of the usage of phones. So we can’t purely depend on the phones in the classroom.

Yes, we can accept that it has a positive effect at the same time it may affect their studies in negatively too. They may take that opportunity in another way too. Only a few schools accept this concept because we can’t purely depend on that. While teaching math’s English science we can use such technological devices because it’s needed in that process. The teacher can allow them to use but students must follow the teacher’s directions too. First, every teacher must try this concept and should evaluate the performance of the students then can decide whether it’s useful or not.

It really helps to enhance the teaching and learning process. So many schools and colleges are accepted the new thoughts on learning and teaching we must be able to accept the new thoughts on teaching. As we all know classroom has been digitalized and every educational institution accepting new techniques on teaching so it’s very important to accept it. But it’s the very sensitive elements because education plays an important role and it’s the basic foundations for a successful life. Every student needs the best educational foundation. As we know technology has been providing a new concept in education.

At first, we didn’t use technology in this educational field but later we understood that technology will bring a drastic change in teaching and learning process. We can’t say that using phones in the classroom will be very helpful because it has its own demerits too. So we must be careful while using any technological devices in the learning process.

In international schools, teachers are using technological devices and cell phones in the classroom and they are completely observing students that they must use devices for educational purpose alone. So we will not able to come to a conclusion whether using cell phones in the classroom is good or bad. Because everything has its own positive effect and negative effects. So we must be very careful while using such technological devices in the classroom.

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