Bridging The Communication Gap Between Parents And Schools

Bridging The Communication Gap Between Parents And Schools

School to parent communication is a thing that everybody admits is essential. Many schools depend highly on weekly newsletters which are perceptively sent home with the child once a week, but sometimes it creates issues when it crumples at the bottom of school bags, sometimes wrinkled or destroyed in the bag. Even, it may be often spoiled because of leaked water or any other things in the bag.

Obviously, many parents rely on these newsletters to update with their current activities of their children’s schools. In this situation, lost newsletters for any reason can create controversy. And when the child may absent in a school for a day and does not get the newsletter, create many issues

  • Schools can save paper with mobile apps– There are many methods of providing school to parent so now schools do not need to depend on paper newsletters, and one suchlike way through their mobile apps. Today, more and more people are getting latest mobile technologies which facilitate them to use mobile apps. Whether they acquire iPads, iPhones, or smart phones, there are apps which can be used by parents and educators to make communication simpler.

Think, what is better? Rather, will rely on children carrying their newsletters at home in a good condition or parents easily acquire their newsletters via their phones or any other device? It would definitely make it easier; as there would not any scope a newsletter or any important school information could be missed. Moreover, not only weekly newsletters, but it is useful about forthcoming events or journeys of the school.

  • Messages and prudence, give parents vital information quickly– One important way of improving school to parent communication is via the use of messages and alerts which can be transmitted to parents. Some schools use text messages earlier when, for instance child does not attend a school or coming late or any event or trip has been cancelled or postponed. With the use of mobile apps, this process becomes easier.
  • Parents can receive information by convenient way– Obviously, it is not possible for every parent will have acquired to a smart phone or capable of using such applications, still it does not mean that schools cannot start activate this process right now, since other devices by improving school to parent communication.

Moreover, it is very easy to create a list of parents, who desire their information send to them through mobile apps.  And those who do not owe smart phone, but, have access to the internet or email so, send them email copy. And rest classifies who require a hard copy. Although, it is a certain thing as time goes on, more and more people will access smart phone and will use easy mobile apps.

Enhancing communication between school and parents is essential in today’s fast developing society, where things change day by day. Especially it should be applied in the education system which sometimes strives to embrace improving technologies.

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