5 Ways to Improve Your English Spelling

5 Ways to Improve Your English Spelling

Learning to spell English is so important! Not just because it helps others understand you, but it also helps you understand what you read, how words work, what they mean and how to pronounce them the right way. If you are looking for the best way to learn to spell English, you must first consider your learning style, which is usually different for everyone. Some people learn by listening, some by seeing or writing and some logically with much explanation. Here I’m sharing the best 5 ways that would help anyone to improve their English spelling.

Make a List of Difficult Words /Common Misspelled Words

There may be certain words that you would have trouble spelling them. Make a list of those words first. There are commonly misspelled words you can find online which even the native speakers find it hard to spell. You can add those words also to the list. Though these words are not the ones that you use often, you should still have them in the list. You can then study these words by either memorizing them or by learning their spelling rules.

Read a lot; it definitely helps

Through reading, you get to know how a word looks on a page and believe me, it helps you learn how the word is spelled. If you are a visual learner, you can use alphabet letters, blocks, or scrabble pieces for building the words. Not all the words will sound the way they are written. So by visually looking at those words, you are more likely to remember their spellings.

Play Word Games

Simple word memory games, crossword puzzles and word catchers will play a more significant role in improving your English Spelling. These are perfect for little children who are struggling to memorize the tough words. Kids learn better when the learning technique itself is a play. You can also have your child write your notes, text messages for you so that he/she learns the correct spelling of words they are finding hard to master.

Writing helps too

When you write down the misspelled words several times a day, you are learning its usage and also the spelling. You can keep using these words in your blog, email, or anything that you write on a regular basis. By doing so, you get to find the words that go wrong often and correct them yourselves. Writing the words repeatedly would build up a memory of the correctly spelled word in your mind.

Use Online Spelling Tests

Try spelling test online for testing yourself of your spelling skills. There are free spelling tests like SpellQuiz available online that helps students and others improve their English spelling. They range from spelling test grade 1, spelling test grade 2, spelling test grade 3, etc. These spelling tests, when used effectively, can help with your reading and listening skills also. Fun and interactive spelling games are available for children in the early elementary grades that help them improve their vocabulary, listening and reading. So, making the best use of these spell test websites is one best way to improve your English spelling.

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