What is Education

What is Education

Education is essential whole humans for a best and noble life education makes a man truthful and helpful for others .education gave us to improved the individual skills all those education is most important for our mind and living executive life.

Education is also known as Helping Others to Learn Something or Helping Others to Succeed in Their Life. This is not only important for learners but also for educators to teach ways to find and use information or data. Education is transferred from one generation to another generation. Education helps Children and adults to know the right path or to learn how to be active/effective with other people’s. Education transforms individuals to transform from lower rade to higher grade.

Types of Education

Mainly, there are three types of Education.

  • Formal Education
  • Informal
  • Non-formal

Each Type of Education is Described Below

1.Formal Education

Formal Education is that education which individuals usually takes place in the premises of the school. Where an individual can learn basic, academic, or trade skills. Just Like small children who attend a Nursery or Kindergarten Classes. Formal Education begins with Elementary school. Secondary OR Higher Education is associated with specific terms.

Examples of Formal Education

  • Learning in a classroom
  • School/College Certificate and University Degree.
  • Different subjects having a proper syllabus acquired by attending the institution.

Characteristics of Formal Education

  • Planned and deliberate
  • Scheduled fees
  • Chronological grading system
  • Syllabus and subject-oriented
  • Structured hierarchically

2.Informal Education

Informal Education is like parents teaching there childlike, how to ride a Bicycle OR How to lace shoes etc. In this kind of education, acutely aware efforts don’t seem to be involved. it’s neither pre-planned nor deliberate. it should be learned in some marketplace, building or at home. not like formal education, informal education isn’t imparted by an establishment like school or school. Informal education isn’t given in keeping with any fixed timetable.

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Examples of Informal Education

  • Learning his/her mother tongue
  • Spontaneous type of learning
  • Teaching Child basics such as numeric characters.

Characteristics of Informal Education

  • No definite syllabus
  • Not pre-planned and has no timetable
  • Lifelong process in a natural way
  • Independent of boundary walls
  • Degrees are not involved
  • Any source such as media, life experiences, friends, family etc.

3.Non-formal Education

Non-formal Education incorporates Adult Basic Education, Adult proficiency instruction or school equivalency preparation. In no formal education, somebody (who isn’t in school) can learn education, other essential aptitudes or employment abilities. Home training, individualized guidance, (for example, customized learning), separate learning and PC helped guidance are different conceivable outcomes. Non-formal instruction is granted intentionally and purposely and deliberately executed.

Examples of Non-Formal Education

  • Fitness programs
  • Free courses for adult education
  • Boy Scouts and Girls Guides
  • Community-based adult education courses

Characteristics of Non-formal Education

  • No age limit
  • Planned and takes place apart from the school system
  • The syllabus can be adjustable
  • Practical and vocational education
  • Fees are certificates may not be necessary
  • Full time or part-time learning
  • Involves learning professional skills.

Some Important Points Regarding Education

  • Education helps us to separate between what is good and bad, what is improper and moral and what is simple and hard.
  • Education helps you to address anything incorrectly.
  • Education gives an individual wants to take care of the issues mankind faces today.
  • Education encourages you to discover reality and it compels you to think in various angles.
  • Education causes you to take in the correct method to execute yourself and carry on decidedly.
  • It makes you increasingly mindful and certain.
  • Proper Education evacuates sick convictions.

The aim OR purpose behind education is to develop youngsters into productive citizens that use their knowledge, information, and learned skills to continue themselves and help other people while driving humankind forward in zones of balance, value, and harmony.

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