What is the Best Order of Steps to Use When Writing an Essay?

What is the Best Order of Steps to Use When Writing an Essay?

Have you heard that there are two kinds of successful essay writers?

Students with excellent organizational skills plan so they are on time for deadlines. Exactly as their tutors or essay writing Assignment have instructed them, they research their topic early on and read extensively about their essay topics.

Some students rush to finish their assignments last minute. Coursework assignments are often left until the very last minute because they procrastinate. But they don’t give up; they get decent grades despite having to finish their essays in such a short time frame.

What are the steps involved? Are you interested in finding out how to produce an excellent essay quickly and with pride? We will show you how to do it in our easy 8-step guide.

1. Get the Self-Control App!

A few hours are not enough time to complete an essay, so you cannot procrastinate. You should be careful to avoid distractions by turning off your phone and reducing your internet usage.

Using Self-Control apps helps you escape online distractions quickly and easily. You can temporarily block yourself from accessing distracting websites by simply downloading an app.

If you are addicted to Mix, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and any other site until you complete your essay; you should block those websites in advance. Getting off social media lets you be much more productive.

2. Prepare an Outstanding Outline!       

An outline is a good place to start. Essay writing requires this step, and you shouldn’t skip it. For the future essay, you need to organize your thoughts in a way that helps you stay organized and focused.

A mind-mapping technique can make preparing an outline fun.

  • Regardless of how silly some of the ideas may seem, you should write them all down if you are considering the topic of your essay.
  • Create a single outline by choosing the most useful points you’ll bring up and connecting them.
  • Organize your essay’s structure into a mind map. MindMup and Mind Meister are two online mind-mapping tools you can use.

3. Research in Depth!

Well-researched college essays are always good. There’s no excuse to omit this crucial step due to lack of time. An argument that is vague and unconvincing will not impress your professor. This means gathering outside sources of information and quotes to back them up. To conduct the research efficiently, here are some tips:

  • Search keywords should be selected with your outline in mind.
  • To find authoritative sources, use Google Scholar rather than Google.
  • For direct quotes, use Google Books instead of reading paragraphs.Make sure you keep a list of citations for your sources.
  • It is relatively easy to do brilliant research using Wikipedia, which makes findingauthoritative, sources online a breeze.Search for articles and journals on the internet using the citations on the Wikipedia page.

4. Embrace the wind!

Do not worry too much about the style of your writing, but just type out your ideas as they come to you. Do not worry about grammar errors, word choice, or spelling errors. You should type all the information you want to include before you copyedit.

To prove your thesis, you need to present evidence. Your topic sentence should be the first sentence of each paragraph. Be sure to include relevant evidence to support your main idea. Cite a quotation, analyze it, and cite the source. Make a transition to the next paragraph after concluding each paragraph.

5. Each Paragraph should be initialized with a Topic!

Introduce each paragraph with one or more topic sentences that express the main point of the paragraph. Your topic sentence and thesis statement should be defended by quotes or contextual information in each paragraph.

6. The Perfect Edit!

Revision is required for your first draft. You should read the essay online and make sure your arguments are relevant to the prompt and are supported by your thesis statement. Check to see if your organization makes sense and eliminate anything that doesn’t belong. When you notice gaps in the logic flow, fill them in with the necessary information.

Upon completion, copy-edit your essay after you have reviewed and approved its content and structure. Fix grammar, spelling, and word choice errors. To proofread and edit your final work, there are three online tools available.

Grammarly It is possible to find more spelling and grammar mistakes using Grammarly than with ordinary word processors.
Hemingway Editor Using Hemingway Editor you will be provided with comments and suggestions on how to improve the readability and clarity of your writing.
Hiring an assignment help service There are millions of websites online that can help you with editing, proofreading even writing an essay!

We would recommend paying an assignment help service for this particular work. You can rope in and browse through many websites. For instance, if you are a student studying in Australia, you could type in for- assignment help Australia and hire the one you like!

7. Ensure Your Paper Is Plagiarism-Free!

If you want to make sure that you are not stealing someone else’s ideas from your essay, make sure you check it for plagiarism.

  1. Check your essay for suspicious sections with Plagtracker and TurnItIn. The parts of the sentence that are not unique or need to be referenced should be rephrased.
  2. According to the style you choose, Citation Machine can help you generate citations.

8. Treat Yourself!

You now have a great essay ready to submit if you followed these steps and worked intensively. Your reward is well deserved now. Take a nap after eating a chocolate bar and watching an episode of your favourite show.

You can order a sample essay from an essay writing help service if you would like to move forward right away to this step. All the steps above will be covered in a more detailed manner by experienced academic writers. This will result in significant time and effort savings. And, don’t forget to have fun!

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