What is the Difference Between Hafiz and Aalim?

What is the Difference Between Hafiz and Aalim?

Aalim implies an Islamic researcher. Aalim is the person who ensures and clarifies the lessons of Islam. They guide Muslims and give their viewpoint on strict issues. Claims are generally prepared in Islamic establishments Madrassas. While Hafiz is the person who retains the Quran by heart. There is incredible regard for both the Hafiz and An in the Muslim people group. Muslims accept that whoever retains the Quran by heart Allah will compensate them extraordinarily in the existence from this point forward.

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You can become Hafiz and an Aalim by joining Madrassas however that isn’t the solitary way. In these seasons of innovation, everything has been made simple. Innovation has likewise reformed the Islam method of instructing. Presently you can turn into a Hafiz and an Aalim by joining a Quran hifz online school. There are discrete courses for Hifz Quran and Aalims in these destinations. These online Quran schools have gotten very famous among understudies from around the world as a result of their adaptability and moderateness.

There are different contrasts between Aalim and Hafiz. This article will feature these distinctions.

Many individuals believe that to be an Aalim you must be a Hafiz. This conviction isn’t right. There is no such condition. Hafiz and Aalim are two distinct things. They might share not many things practically speaking yet not more than that. For instance, a Hafiz and an Aalim both are prepared in Madrassas. Be that as it may, both of these things have various courses and have diverse coursework too.


Turning into an Aalim is unreasonably difficult. There are numerous pre-imperatives for turning into an Aalim. Nobody can turn into an Aalim without satisfying these pre-essentials. Although it isn’t important to be a Hafiz-e-Quran to turn into an Aalim, it is important to have the information on the content of the Quran. To turn into an Aalim an individual ought to be sound and judicious. That individual ought to be developed as they would settle on choices for the Muslim people group later on. While to turn into a Hafiz you ought to just be intellectually steady and have finished the course of Quran recitation.


An Aalim ought to know about Ijma too. Ijma is the agreement. Ijma is applied when an issue isn’t talked about in the Quran so it must be chosen by Islamic researchers. An Aalim ought to likewise have the information on the Islamic law including Qiyas which is major for driving principles. Qiyas is the cycle wherein the lessons of the Quran are broken down to take care of another issue on the planet. For instance, after the episode of the Covid Islamic researchers all throughout the planet are searching for arrangements concerning this Pandemic. This is likewise done by Aalims in Islam. Qiyas and Ijma have a relationship. At whatever point, Qiyas is done and it is applied get-togethers the Aalims concur over it.

An Aalim ought to know about the Shariah law. Shariah is the strict lawmaking part of Islam. It is gotten from the lessons of the Quran and Hadith. Aalim needs to have a comprehension of Shariah law. An Aalim ought to likewise have an overall comprehension of the Arabic language. An Aalim needs to grasp Arabic totally else it is difficult to drive the lessons of the Quran and Hadith.

The way to turning into a Hafiz isn’t this muddled yet it is still very testing. You should be reliable and true to have the option to remember the Quran. It is important to make a timetable and take extra time from your day to change the exercise you have required that day. Make turning into a Hafiz your need. Try not to turn into a Hafiz to get higher according to individuals in the general public however do it to satisfy Allah and draw nearer to Him.

Various procedures

There are isolated pathways to turning into a Hafiz and an Aalim. The initial move towards turning into an Aalim and Hafiz is something similar. You need to join a Madrassa or an online Quran school that offers explicit courses for every one of them. An Aalim course is almost six years in length which comprises of different procedures and lessons while to turn into a Hafiz you would require up to 4 or 5 years. An Aalim course is a profound just as an actual course which requires the individual to be full-grown in age just as inexperience though anybody can turn into a Hafiz. Both of these courses require your greatest concentration and assurance.


Both of these courses require truthfulness and assurance. You need to make a schedule that you should continue to turn into a Hafiz or an Aalim. It doesn’t care for your homework that requires a couple of hours of your day. It is something that you would have to chip away at for years to turn into an expert in. You can join any madrassa close to your home to turn into an Aalim or a Hafiz however I would encourage you to join an online Quran school. Not exclusively are these schools solid yet they are additionally protected in this season of crisis as a result of Covid. Individuals are encouraged to remain at home and notice social removing. So online Quran schools are an ideal stage for you on these questionable occasions.

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