Why GRE?

Why GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (or GRE) is a test for admission for thousands of business and graduate schools around the world. Irrespective of the field that you choose, you have to attempt this test on Verbal Quantitative skills. Then what are the criteria to be selected for a Masters’s degree in the field of your choice? And how do the institutes like GRE institute in Pune help you with a good GRE score?

GRE scores are often used to determine funding decisions too along with being used as a qualifying factor. If you want to get into your dream university, and want to be funded by the University for your Education, you need to show them a decently high GRE score along with other application requirements.

On the other hand, there is an extreme idea that the test is highly valid to measure the intellectual skills required for success in grad school. It is said that you get a high score and you will do well in grad school.

But the real question is why it matters than not how GRE matters. The skills tested in the GRE show your competency in different areas which are the basic requirements for any form of higher education.

  • The Analytical Writing section in GRE consists of two essays where you have to write a well-reasoned argument along with supporting examples, as well as you have to examine and analyze someone else’s claims
  • The verbal reasoning section in GRE tests your reading as well as writing skills also other qualities such as sentence building and your ability to dig into long paragraphs and analyze the relevant parts.
  • The Quantitative aptitude section in GRE checks your problem-solving skills and data interpretation skills as well as tests logic related to numbers.

The next question is where can you take the GRE test? 

You can take the test everywhere! 

No, seriously. It’s available in 160 countries. Also being a computer-delivered test, it is available throughout the year continuously. 

For the countries where it’s only available on paper, you have to take the test only in 3 months: October, November, and February. So your task is to check before taking the test if you can take the test throughout the year or only during these 3 months!

The next obvious question is how much a GRE Test will cost you then the answer is that it costs 205 USD, almost anywhere you take it. The exception is China, so, if you are going to take the test there then you ask the official GRE testing location.

So, now that you know the most basics of the basics, good luck when you will ultimately take this test, and go wild while applying to GRE Coaching in Pune like IMFS  which guarantees you a good score and best of the universities. 

All the best!

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