Why Mass Communication is Famous

Why Mass Communication is Famous

Mass Communication is often confused with journalism but both of them are two different things. Journalism is a profession that involves informing people about the latest on-goings around the world. While Mass communication means sharing information with a large mass through any means be it mobile, social media, etc. So they may appear similar yet they are different in many aspects. In this blog, we will discuss the various scopes, colleges, future growth of the course.

Why Mass Communication is Famous?

A boom in the Mass communication sector came when electronic media went on the forefront with digitization, social media, and TV. Another reason for its prominence is that nowadays we have a different medium through which any piece of information can be transferred from one part of the world of another. Also, a substantial percentage of the population of India is youth which is why it’s so popular. Youths are very much fascinated when it comes to creative work that is why this course attracts them so much.


  1. The course can be pursued after completing your 12th standard.
  2. You need to have at least 50% marks on class 12th so that you are eligible.
  3. You can simply apply to a college for a bachelor’s in Mass Communication.
  4. After this, you can go for post-graduation in the same field but for that also you should be having 50% in your bachelor’s.

Top colleges offering Degrees in Mass Communication

Top colleges

  • Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication

The college offers a Master’s in Mass Communication and it is regarded as one of the top institutions in India for the course. The total fee for the two years integrated course is 7.08 lakhs for full time. The college is ranked in 4th position by India Today in 2019.

  • Xavier Institute of Communications

Xavier institute of communication is a media college situated in Mumbai. The total fee for the 10-month course is 2.07 lakhs. The college was ranked at 2nd position and 3rd position by The Week and India Today.

  • Social Communications Media Dept, Sophia, Mumbai

Social Communications Media Department Mumbai is one of the prestigious colleges of India that offer a post-graduation diploma in Social media Communications. The college is ranked in 8th position for Media communication by India Today in 2018.

  • Department of Media Studies, Christ University

Christ University Bengaluru is a deemed university and they are known to offer 188 courses in 6 streams. The university offers Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees to the students. The course fee for the Bachelor’s degree is 3.07 lakhs while the Master’s is 2.97 lakhs. The college was ranked in 8th position by India Today in 2019.

Job Prospectus

It will be divided into two categories:

Freelancer: A freelancer is usually a person who usually works for a different organization rather than committed to any single employer for work, in other words, he is partially self- employed and partially committed. These type of people are hired by a particular company for a small period to get their work done. Earlier this was not so famous but nowadays most of the professionals are freelancing for many fields such as web designing, graphic designing, content writing, blogging, etc. There are many benefits that are associated with this field as it allows freelancers to be choosy with his work. In other words, they are not pressurized by the employer to work and it is their free will to choose among his employers. Also, this has become more popular with students since this job asks them only a few hours of there daily routine and provide them with some remuneration.

Regular Jobs: Regular job simply means you are hired by a company and you are working for the company on a full-time basis for fixed remuneration. If you have a passion for working for the media, writing, direction, etc then this field is for you and you can create a name for yourself. Regular jobs which can be gained either through campus placement or through any other means. There are many types of jobs that can be attained after the course completion. Let’s have a look at the job prospects that can be achieved through this course.

There Are Many Job Roles In The Field Of Mass Communication:

Editor: An editor’s job is to simply scoop out the piece of the work which is relevant in the context of the information and discard the excess or which is not required. This is a very prestigious position as it involves improving the product and giving it a final shape before execution. Apart from this, it is his responsibility to introduce new ideas and suggestions to the team to work on. The editor can be of many types such as magazine editor, content editor, video editor roles may be different but the job is the same for each one of them.

News Anchor: We see them often reciting daily news on T.V. or holding debates on hot topics with a panel. This is a very attractive job since this allows you to be in front of the camera. Earlier their only job was to just come and recite the current happenings of national and international levels. But nowadays they are also required to give their opinions on the current happenings which is a very good add on to their job profile.

Art Director: All the huge movies or drama sets we see in films or any act done by them, are held with the responsibility of design the location where the actual shooting or act is to be performed. And this is the most creative work since they give you a glimpse of those places which don’t exist in real life. They are entitled to work on modern as well as ancient eras or create an era that is now extinct. There is a much-accomplished by an art director who has created a masterpiece with their ideas.

Film Director: This profession involves creativity as well as knowledge of correct technology. There is teamwork behind the movie shots which fascinates us so much. The film director makes it possible that every shot should come out in the same way as it was originally conceived. A good director can convert a bad script into a good output because he has a specialization in amazing artwork.

Public Relations Officer: This profile is the most demanded profile nowadays, everyone wants a PR manager for themselves, be it celebrities, politician or any other person. But what exactly they do? They are just entitled to the job of creating and maintaining a public image of their clients. Do you think that our politicians or celebrities have so much time that they manage their social media handles and post their daily stuff on it? No that is done by a PR manager whose job is to create a favorable and loving image of their clients in front of the media and public.

Critique: Critique is someone who criticizes, that does not mean he spits negative opinion of him on something. It is his job to take a particular piece of information and assess it thoroughly, he notes down the positive and negative aspects of the information. After this, he put forth his own opinions of what he thinks about the stuff. A critique can be of many kinds such as movie critique, food critique, political critiques it’s just what you are interested in.

Media Planner: This job profile involves a lot of creativity and planning with a sense of analyzing data. These people are the backbone of the media and advertising industry. They are entrusted with the responsibility of studying the market efficiently and then devise a plan in accordance with it. They are known to be the key players of the marketing sector and they know it very well how to target a section of the audience with their marketing gimmicks so as to attain maximum profit.

Screen Writer: Screenwriters are mostly those people who write any story or script. Their job involves developing the storyline and carve out different characters. They also write dialogues for each character and they are held with the responsibility of developing the blueprint of the film or any story on which they are working on.

We hope that all your doubts regarding Mass Communications might have been decluttered by reading the above blog. Mass communication can be a very good career choice but you need to have the creativity and passion which is needed for it. For any exam-related content, preparation tips or guides do visit Exambazaar.

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