7 Important Benefits of Reading Stories and Articles that Affects Your Mind

7 Important Benefits of Reading Stories and Articles that Affects Your Mind

“Reading ” happens to be the word we start to hear when we begin to learn the alphabet. But we don’t know why we should read anything other than the regular textbooks. We often see how our grandparents love to read out storybooks to their grandchildren. We love to hear the stories they read. But we never ask anyone, why should we read books, kahaniyan or articles? Is it anyway crucial for our future lives?

Yes, it is indeed significant for our future. But we really don’t know the benefits of reading a book or Hindi Kahani or any article as such. Reading helps us to grow psychologically, emotionally and mentally. It helps us to discover a broader world that lays around us. Right from our childhood till death, reading happens to be a crucial part of our lives. Even if we do not read something intentionally, yet there are cases, where we tend to read articles of kahaniya Hindi from time to time.

However, nowadays, many people have reduced their reading habits to the materials that are showing up in social media or news feed or regular monthly bills. Various people have a stack of books like Kahani Hindi mai, etc. and want to read those when they have time, but unfortunately, they cannot take out that time to read those books which they have stocked up in those reading selves. But often we miss out on the fact that our reading skills tend to stimulate our mental health and help us to think positively. Even scientists have proved that reading helps in boosting the brain. So, here are the ways how reading short kahaniya and novels can actually affect the mental health of a person:

Mental Stimulation

According to the studies, reading can help in stimulating the brain and even reduces the risk of various old age mental health problems like Alzheimer’s as well as dementia. We have diverse compartments in our brain, which we use extensively to store many things, and few are there which we use to dump items or instead use it as the forgetting part. So, reading helps in activating the parts of the brain and helps in functioning it properly. It is a kind of brain workout that helps in keeping the mind active and helps in stimulating positive thoughts.


Reducing the stress-related issues in life

Stress happens to be the daily companion of our lives. It hampers our everyday life to the fullest. Such conditions ultimately lead to the development of several diseases and conditions in the body. Apart from that, it also messes up the entire physiology of the body. Reading kahani in Hindi and other languages help to diminish the effects of stress and anxiety-related issues in life.


Concentration and Focus

We live in a world which is more about the internet than books. We get access to so many digital books which we can hear, but we don’t need to read. We are more used to surfing, watching videos and chatting and texting to people. These things have cut down a significant asset of our life that is the focus as well as concentration. We are becoming impatient with the digitally growing world. We love the smart world, but we forget that reading helps us to build what we actually lack in our lives.

Reading new kahani and stories can help us with that constructive habit which we are losing day by day and can recover our focus and concentration to a certain extent. It can help our brain to be trained on how to focus on our daily work without any problems.

The appropriate source for motivation

Life is complicated, and so are our lives. There are few moments in our lives, where we can feel low as well as discouraged. We might lose interest and hope in our life and just to end it up. Those are the times in our lives when we desperately need a little ray of hope and motivation to bounce back to our healthy life. Light and right push can change the negative direction to a positive one.

So, through reading motivational or inspirational kahani Hindi books during those hard times, can change our way of thinking and help us to restore the lost faith with time. Reading can change our lives and transform us into a positive person by being the best source of motivation without any efforts.


Expansion of Vocabulary

When we read, we tend to discover many new words, and we might store such information in the compartments of our brain. This way, we learn more about the language as well as tend to increase the vocabulary without any problem. Science approves that the impact of reading helps the children as well as adolescents to develop vocabulary acquisition. Hence, this is the reason why children are motivated to go through cartoon kahaniyan and stories in their childhood.

Empathic development of a character

Reading helps us to develop one crucial quality- empathy. To understand others and to share the feelings of others lay the foundation of being empathetic. It helps one to understand the pain among the characters around him and the grievances they are facing continuously in their lives. Reading helps us to connect with the author and the characters he creates. We can understand the pain, happiness, love, and so many human emotions, which we lack to realise in our daily lives. It nurtures us to become a good human in real life.

Enhancing one’s imagination and creativity

Reading helps us to enhance the ability to imagine in a broader area, and we can enjoy our own creativity at a different level which we sometimes don’t know. It helps us to play with our own imagination and creativity. Reading can boost our creative thinking at a different level and make our imagination as powerful as the author, sometimes more than the author.

Thus, whether it is a mental stimulation or just merely a way to increase the vocabulary, reading is essential for defining the character of a person. But one must try to read good and motivational books to create a positive aura around oneself and reinforce the right habits to benefit from such practices accurately.

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