7 Important Reasons That’s Why Web Series Are Becoming Most Popular in India

7 Important Reasons That’s Why Web Series Are Becoming Most Popular in India

For decades television has been a means of entertainment for all of us. In today’s fast-developing and creative world with the evolution of the internet and the emerging popularity of social media, a thing named ‘Web series’ has emerged. It has created its place in the hearts of many people of all ages. Swiftly and steadily the ‘web series’ is storming and blowing up the digital space. People are simply bored of un-relatable and illogical content shown on television and watching the best web series 2019. And the ‘web series’ has provided a stage for budding filmmakers where they give their audience episodes of fresh, intriguing and relatable content.

Here are 7 reasons for web series becoming popular:

1 – Web series are a perfect blend of qualities from TV serials and films:

It has been a long time since we are hearing that a writer shoes his art on television and a director shows it in his films. But Web series is a perfect art formed by mixing the other two arts in the right ratio. Web series will not disappoint you when it comes to the story and cinematic touch. These two qualities make it exceptionally good. While television still adheres to close-ups and mid shots. Web series are being created by the directors who want to present viewers out of the box ideas or talk on topics that are considered taboo. They capture and present the moral of the story in a unique way. Web series generally have 5-6 episodes or more. Topics like homosexuality, pregnancy, masturbation, lovemaking, politics, etc are exciting for these budding filmmakers. They are breaking the ice and showing reality.

2 – There are no advertisements to interrupt.

no advertisement

The reason for a show to air is sponsors and advertisements. But everyone loves to watch episodes without ads and interruptions. And there is a bonus when it comes to web series and the internet. Though there are barely any ads displayed in web episodes, there is a skip option available.

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3 – You watch it according to your free time!

Television episodes are time-bounded and if you have missed it, then it means you have just missed it. Though these days the television episodes can be also recorded or uploaded on YouTube or the channel’s app. But still, in the case of Web-Series one has the flexibility to view the web episode anywhere anytime. One might watch it offline by downloading it or online on the internet. And, if some important work pops up, one can just pause the episode or maybe continue the web episode from where one paused the next day.

4 – Everyone has a opportunity now.


Many people are struggling to earn their names in the film industry. These people have brilliant ideas and intriguing stories to be told. The Web series give them a stage to display their real art. It is a platform where you can share your outstanding content. If your content is exceptional you will surely find viewers. Many YouTubers have already proved this!

5 – Face value is of no importance anymore but skills are!

Face value is an important factor when filmmakers sell their film or television show. A popular celebrity can seriously affect the success rate of a film or television show. Some daily soaps with interesting plots have launched new faces and have achieved success. But this is not the case with Web series. It is because in web episodes content matters. Suitable actors are hired to portray the characters that perfectly fit them rather than just giving importance to the face value and no skill.

6 – People are bored of never-ending serials!

bored of never-ending serials

Once a television show becomes popular because of its initial content, the shoemakers try to the extent it. Some shows have been airing for more than five years. First, its the protagonist’s story, then their children’s, then their grandchildren’s and then their great grandchildren’s and the story goes on. At least you can expect an end of Web series.

7 – Availability of cost effective internet

Web series initially didn’t look like it comes with a great scope. In 2016 web series was hardly popular. One would be tensed after buying 1GB/month data pack which came approximately for ₹250. But after JIO arrived with its more price effective internet there has been a revolution. And now there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have an internet pack or connection. This is a major reason in the growth of web series on Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc and this industry will expand further.

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