Stay with delight during this winter season in the best lake island resort of South India

Stay with delight during this winter season in the best lake island resort of South India

Travelling in the time of winter season, it means floating on heaven like offspring. You are about to read the subtle wonderland that is intact to experience new footprint. If you still haven’t figured it out and question about the existence of such place, then I call it the height of ignorance. No worries, just read ahead to open the mysteries of lake islands in God’s own country. Imagine your wintertime on the island in one of the top quality resorts in Kerala. There wouldn’t be any words to describe how much you will love your time with your family and friends at the best resorts in Kerala. If you ask me what is so great about it? Then here is my answer about why you must visit The Munroe Island Lake resort in Kollam. Kerala.

The place is located near the coastal area you have easy access to the other places on your trip and also it is range-bound where you can reach this place within an hour of travel time from the main town or from Kollam Airport. The Munroe islands are a place of centripetal attraction because they are located in the juncture of the Kallada River and Asthamudi Lake. The best resorts of Kerala are built on the backwater which are connected with multiple channels of river water. You can start with canoe touring to travel around the lake island, I’m sure you’ll come across spellbound and captivating places.

The island is covered with tall standing coconut trees which fill most of the land around, as you cruise aloof the islands you can see mangrove forest which will add more adventure to your trip. And when you turn ravenous enjoy fishing and taste the seafood with great delight and also taste other mouth-watering Kerala’s traditional food varieties in one of the best resorts in Kerala.

Kerala is renowned for greenish foils and stupendous sight seeing places. To make your exploration more exciting, hire a houseboat to stay on the lake and river water and vividly catch the ultimate experience of nature. When you feel like to calm down, you have places to meditate or just simply watch the discreet lifestyle around the resort. The climatic condition is ideal throughout the year. Moreover, winter could be more exciting with your beloved once around.

As it is one of the bird’s migrating spot in Kerala, you will come across different birds and don’t forget to photo them which will certainly recall the moment in the island resort. The joy is never-ending in the mesmerizing island, one of the best things in the Munore island resorts are watching the stars at night time and waking up in the morning by the call of birds around the blissful environment.

The Munroe island lake resort is rated as one of the best resorts in Kerala touring spot in south India, which offers the best amenity and stay. Moreover, Munroe island lake resorts are ranking in the top 10 island resort in Kerala and most preferred touring destination in India by honeymoon couples.

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