Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Is Round The Corner

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Is Round The Corner

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is now all set to launch its first Season, and Infinity Ward has promised that it would be the best and ambitious Season ever. Skin in cs, easy-to-use & buy and sell skins fast and safely.

Although most of the content won’t be available during its launch, but whatever gets launched, it will surely blow off your minds. But donot be disheartened. A disclaimer by the brand states that content update will continue to happen even after the launch date, i.e., December 3, 2019.

Activision didn’t disclose any information relating to the contents that will be published or not published. However, devs have clarified that the content will be an extension of Season 1.

The studio has announced the date and the teaser in a couple of tweets.

 Some additional details on Season 1 from Activision Blog:

– Not all content is available on Dec 3; some content coming throughout the Season

– Shipment is an MP & Gunfight map

– Players can unlock the new weapons for free

Moreover, the roadmap of the content shows that there are many new maps, modes, Spec Ops, and advanced gun missions.

It is expected that the plans also include Vacant, Shipment, as well as Crash when you opt to multiplayer. 4 days till Season 1 begins in #ModernWarfare

Multiplayer version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1

In the meantime, it is speculated that the multiplayer version of the game might be modified by adding three modes: Reinforce, Infected, as well as Gunfight OSP.

The Spec Ops is expected to be changed too by adding Bomb Squad, Grounded, Just Rewards, and many more specifications that might enhance your experience to a great extent.

It will also be available on PC, Xbox One, as well as PS4 at the same time.

You also might expect that there are two or more new guns added to the latest version. The brand new Season will also be known for the official state of battle pass to be introduced by Modern Warfare.

It will be used for the post-launch event with the objective of not disturbing the base of players with map packages. Hence this means that the mode or maps might be available to use for everyone.

Apart from that, you will have the chance to earn anything like weapons and attachments when you make a significant impact on the gameplay.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 Free Content

  • Crash for 8Multiplayer Maps – The map of Modern Warfare has now returned with new and exciting routes, making sure this action-packed game will be remembered as the best Season.
  • Vacant for Multiplayer Maps – An office that is abandoned has led an intense interior challenge across the various complexes. It is a very common scenario that most of the players will face while playing the game
  • Shipment for Multiplayer Maps and Gunfight Maps – The map of Modern Warfare will feature fast and breath-taking action sequences.
  • Port for Ground War Maps – You will love to battle in the massive shipping crates, streets, and many more buildings, having a great experience.
  • Atrium for Gunfight Maps – The Verdansk Palace is still intact. However, there are many changes made to the conflict that is raging in the nearby regions.
  • Cargo for Gunfight Maps – With the open-roof storage vessels that are used in the shipment containers or on the dockyards of London will give you an experience of the next level.

Along with this, you will have an exciting experience playing the game as there are also many changes made by adding additional maps, reinforcements, on-site procurements, infected modes, and many more.

Don’t miss out on the launch that is scheduled to occur on December 3.

Yippee! Christmas is coming early for sure!

In the meantime there has been a “Big overhaul” of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on November 22 but it has left fans disappointed. The new version is labelled 1.09. It focused on issues related to stability on both – app & server-side, security defects in the previous version and performance improvements.

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