Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel has hit them, and it seems that finally, Marvel Cinematic gets a woman superhero. The movie is funny but not a full comedy lot such as the Ant-Man or Thor: Ragnarok. The lead actress of Captain Marvel seems as fully dipped in her character and the movie entirely rest on her shoulders as it’s woman-centric. It can be said that the movie is the easiest Marvel film till date in which you don’t require a back-story, you don’t need to know the trivia and also there is no need to dig into previous films too. Enjoy the amazing discount offers available while choosing to book movie ticket online with Bookmyshow Coupons. After watching the movie, it will be quite clear at the end regarding why the character is considered to e the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It is actually a sandwiched amid the fallout of infinity war and Endgame which will for sure disappoint many, regardless of that how it turns over the ghastly results of its predecessor. Captain Marvel was intentionally set up as the hope for all type in the only post-credits scene in Infinity war. It is not an easy task for a superhero movie to fulfill all expectations, specifically those who make the probing choice that film does.

The lead role is played by Brie Larson who don’t even know her real name or else who she is because of the condition named amnesia which was brought by a shocking incident.  Earlier actually she was a secret fighter test pilot Carol Danvers with Maria Rambeau which was her best friend at the time when women were not allowed to fly officially. This past was very much vital for the storyline of Captain Marvel the movie ends up being an origin story and does its best to disguise that by acclimatizing a non-linear narrative that permits discerning memories to filter. However, it also means that Larson lacks behind somewhere as it can be much better if they use traditional flashbacks when the film connects amid past and present. They should not try out to organically fold them into the plot and where it lacks. The reason behind this is that it sound’s terrific that the lead character has forgotten everything and was reminded by people all around her.

Captain Marvel raises curtain with Danvers living on Dala which was the home planet of the alien Kree civilization and as same as the audience she also doesn’t know about from where she got there and why she was dreaming about Annette Bening, whom she doesn’t know at all. She only knows that she has been instructed by Yon Rogg, who was her mentor, trainer, and commander, that she serves the Kree which is a race of supposed noble warriors’ heroes. Danvers, on the other hand, was also a part of elite Kree military unit ‘Starforce’ run by Yon Rogg and continuously works all together in partnership with Korath and three more on a single mode operation to bomb everything in sight. Under this assignment the Starforce is trapped by Skrulls and Danvers is taken, detainee. After when they came to know that Skrulls were playing with her memories, she frees herself and escapes successfully.

Her only objective was to crash land on the planet made of 70 percent of water and was successful, ultimately she crashes into suburban US state of California, and after that, she has a cosmetic meeting with Nick Fury, a digitally de-aged version. At the end following the chased part which involves a train both Fury and Daniel join hands and start digging into her memories. You can also try to book this on available online ticket booking platform and grab a good discount by using Freecharge Offers for movie tickets.


 The best part of captain marvel was the chemistry amid Larson and Jackson. In fact, Yon Rogg keeps telling her that emotions are the biggest enemy of warriors, Danvers let herself by telling that emotions seep through.  Also, he instructed him, but she does the opposite. The action sequences are very much generically crafted as well as choppily edited, and the proof can be seen when Danvers aptitude to kick ass and the unproblematic way she does by it.

 In the end, we conclude that however, Captain Marvel has plenty of action and violence sequences, but the movie offers many positive messaged in terms of integrity and perseverance. The best part is to watch a confident, fearless woman as a superhero. The lead character Carol Danvers is a fantastic role model who always sees herself as capable of doing everything and was not objectified. On the other hand male counterparts also recognize her strength as well as confidence too.

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