Cosplay Guide For Parent

Cosplay Guide For Parent

As for current trends, shows, music, and fads, I seem to be a pretty involved parent. So when three years ago my 9-year-old son came to me and asked me to make a “Half-Life Costume,” I was surprised that I had no idea what that was or how to do it.

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A bit of internet research had me spiraling down the hole of the rabbit into a whole new world: the cosplay world.

Cosplay is a word that comes from the words ‘ costume ‘ and ‘ play. ‘ The most common cosplayers are surrounded by television shows, YouTube videos showing a multitude of different techniques and materials, and businesses popping up right and left to cater for this new creative outlet. Perhaps notably, conventions are held in every U.S. state; these gatherings are planned for cosplay and the history of cosplay.

Cosplay is a fast-growing trend. It’s kids, tweens, and young and old adults, and it’s Warm.

Background: After months of watching my son in public school being bullied, we had taken him out of school and tried to get him home. I’ve noticed a huge decline in self-esteem, and because my son is brilliant, he was really having a hard time growing up with the whole business and life itself.Like reading about video games and game programmers, video games were his thing. I was left in the lurch and with little indication of how to help him

One day when my son came to me with a glint in his eye, showing me an image of a grown man in armor from a popular video game, I have to confess that the gap between my eyes was crinkled and I’m sure I didn’t know what I was getting into. Nevertheless, he was adamant and even researched some of the items that we needed, including a fan convention that he wanted to go to while in costume.

While I’d love to explain EVERY step of our evolution into cosplay, what I’m trying to do here is just going to go over the basics. There is no clue to many parents what the word “cosplay” means.

Nonetheless, I find it helpful to know as much as I can to help my child navigate the waters in this current generation of video games, pop culture, and technology that is growing exponentially.

Here are some of the initial questions to help you get started, as best I can answer them.

1. “What’s cosplay about?

“Cosplay is a kind of costume, usually done at a fan convention (ComiCon is known by most people). My son calls it “Halloween Year Round.”

A “cosplayer” may choose to create a costume from a TV show, game, film, anime, movie, or toy based either loosely or strictly on a character or personality.

2. “Can the children cosplay?


“A YES resounding. Children will cosplay the work involved in creating costumes and characters and even do a good bit of it. Children tend to be imaginative and take more risks and opportunities that lead to incredible creations. Increasing their self-esteem and helping them learn to adjust to challenging situations, encouraging a child to learn new skills and build with their own hands.

More and more are understanding the need for a “family-friendly” environment as far as conferences go, and making room for babies, tweens, and teenagers.

While that’s the case, it’s also important to mention that there’s still a presence of scarcely clad women, men who don’t know what a dance belt is (trust me, it’s necessary), and creative but perhaps not so well-rated G-rated themes.

However, most conventions have rules that the sexy, scantily clad, and adult-themed cosplays are reserved only for the crowd after 8 pm, so I’m happy to say we didn’t have any problems with any of them.

Note, most comic books have ALWAYS busty, bathing suit wearing women on their covers and on their pages, so it’s bound to happen. Remember, it’s your family, and your business alone is what you feel comfortable about your kids.

Remember, it’s your family, and your business alone is what you feel comfortable with around your kids. As for me, with conversations about women in the media, we are relatively liberal and open, and both of my children are versed on how to respond to harsh language and salty costumes.

3. Where can I buy high-quality cosplay costumes?

As parents, the biggest concern is the quality of cosplay costumes, we want to give our children the best clothing. This makes the question of “where to buy high-quality cosplay clothing” all the more important. As a parent, I often buy the required role-playing clothes in an online role-playing clothing store.

Cosplay is an amazing outlet, especially for that awkward tween/teen time when in so many things self-esteem can be tied up. You will experience so many amazing and cool things about them by supporting your child in their desire to express themselves this way.

I really hope to help at least one child or one parent who wants to help their kids jump into this fun, nerdy/geeky new realm through this show!

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