List Of Forbes Highest Paid DJs Out Now- JamJar

List Of Forbes Highest Paid DJs Out Now- JamJar

The most sorted out and prestigious list ‘the Forbes list of highest-paid DJs’ is out and it came as a shocker to many. We all were awestruck by the performance of Marshmallow where the DJ booth was shaped like his signature cylindrical mask glowed and rotated 360 degrees.

This gig happened last year in April, and this gig helped him sign The Residency at the new day club and night club at the palms casino resort in Las Vegas. The deal was worth dollar 60 million dollars, but even this could not help him to brag the title of highest-paid DJ. Just like every year, people anticipated that at least one female DJ would top the list or at least would be part of it. But you will be shocked to know that none of the female artists have made it to the Forbes list of highest-paid DJ in 2019.

Calvin Harris, who enjoyed the top position since 2012, was dethroned by The Chainsmokers.

According to the Forbes list of highest-paid DJ, Calvin Harris earned 38.5 million this year and landed on number 3 on the most recent edition of the Forbes list of highest-paid DJ.

Chainsmokers and Marshmallow dethroned Calvin Harris with an estimated income of $56 million and $40 million respectively.

The most shocking entries have been made by artists like Steve Aoki who has been a serial entrepreneur and ranked number Fourth with 30 million income and few familiar names like Skrillex test and David Gutta also found their way onto the list. All the artists collectively brought around $272 million, which is an increase in income as compared to last year. The previous year’s figure was of $260 million.

Highest Paid DJs

Highest Paid DJs

Only three electronic artists have made their way into this year’s list. Earlier this year Rihanna was named as the richest female musician in the world by the Forbes. Meanwhile, Jazzy B made history last month, after being crowned as the world’s first billionaire rapper. Forbes also revealed its 100 highest-paid entertainers list of 2019 that includes musicians, athletes, personalities, comedians, and authors. Entertainer Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift are also a part of this list.

Not all DJ’s can make it to the Forbes list of highest-paid DJ 2017 and are struggling for meeting their daily needs for such artists an app has recently been launched the JamJar app. One can start earning extra dollars by signing up on this app. All you need to do is register yourself with the JamJar app and start earning with every gig you perform. They let your fans directly pay you for even the smallest of tasks like taking selfies, Meet and greet, jamming sessions, etc.

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