6 Best Free Websites for Downloading Anime in 2021

6 Best Free Websites for Downloading Anime in 2021

Anime has become a popular part of the entertainment industry for almost 2 decades now. These animated shows originally from Japan are watched and loved by kids and adults alike. There is a huge number of websites that offer these Kissanime shows. You can choose either Free or Paid platforms. Most anime viewers choose free websites and they seem to love these.

We, after extensive research, bring you 6 of these free online anime streaming platforms. We suggest you stick with us till the end because this will save you so much time spent on trial and error while choosing your streaming platform.


This is among the top-rated platforms which anime lovers just adore. There are many distinct features that Kissanime offers its users for free. The user interface of this site is highly effective which allows one to navigate through different parts of the website quite easily. The site literally hosts thousands of anime shows including some mainstream anime like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, Death Note, etc. The list literally goes on.

This platform hosts only those shows which have high video resolution so that you don’t have to go through any disappointment when streaming a certain anime and finding out that the video result is of poor quality.


GoGoAnime is another great way for you to enjoy your favorite anime shows. This site is carefully designed to optimize the user experience. The search features of this platform are remarkable. The anime shows and movies have been arranged into genres and categories.

If you are into a certain class of anime and want more shows just like that one, this platform will provide you with exactly what you are looking for with its amazing algorithm.


It is the dream of any anime lover to have a website for downloading and watching anime that provides a huge variety of anime shows while maintaining the quality of the content and video resolution. This particular platform comes with many great streaming features including adjustable video quality, auto-completion search, filter search, etc.

AnimeHeaven offers very few ads as compared to similar free platforms. Fewer ads mean there will be fewer interruptions while watching your favorite shows and while browsing through the website. This saves up so much of your time and makes your time on the platform worth your while.


9Anime is a very popular anime streaming site. It literally hosts thousands of anime shows and movies. You can search by name or genre and find the stuff you are into. 9Anime offers a user community where people from all over the world can communicate with each other and share their views.

With this site, you don’t ever have to worry about your security. Your online data and information are given top priority on the site. The strict security policy of GoGoAnime and its elegant algorithm keeps you entertained as well as secure.


This platform stands out for its very great video quality. You can alter the result of the video if you don’t need extra-high resolution which is cool. The Anime-Planet has a sleek UI. You can go through various portions of the website with great ease. The number of shows on this website is great and the video quality is remarkable.

Many users from around the world have given positive reviews to this particular website and they seem to enjoy its services very much.


Many anime watchers prefer this platform over any else for its amazing streaming features and the amount of control it provides to its visitors. Crunchyroll can literally save so much of your time and energy thanks to its efficient user interface.

There are features like search by filters, auto-completion, anime chat forum, and community, etc. With this anime downloading site you get the greatest video quality along with a huge anime library and many other essential features absolutely free.


The above-mentioned sites have been put there after a detailed analysis and research and we are certain that you will definitely end up with one of these as your anime downloading platform if you give them a go. For more information regarding free anime content, we suggest you visit our blogging website Plasticrypt. This site offers you a great deal of information on a lot of interesting topics including anime and TV shows.

We hope this information proves helpful to you and makes it easier for you to find the platform of your choice.

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