The Glowdiators: Disrupting Tron Dance Entertainment in India

The Glowdiators: Disrupting Tron Dance Entertainment in India

The crew has delivered a surreal dance performance on par with anyone globally. This eclectic group brings in a blending of dance and lights that fuse to form something magnificent. They perform the ‘LED Tron Dance Act’ by using The LED-powered suits act as a perfect skeleton that is worn by the performers. These suits are well specialised and are made up of quality plastic material. The technical team attaches different colored LED bulbs to the skeleton suit, which are worn by the dancers in the group. The performances had many unique stories, which will make you believe in the incredible magic by the LED Tron dance India.  You will feel yourself like a king of the seven kingdoms. They are continuing to evolve and win world audience by experimenting with various new genres and styles of the light show. Their tools are bright costumes based on the so-called “Cold neon” – special wire coated with luminescent material. Each suite is made by hand and is a complicated multichannel light system. Therefore the crew is pivoting creative entertainment acts for all the Dance company India.

Based on the theme of the dance and event, they can even make a selection of the right LED suits for the show. The collection of the right costumes is made by them, depending on the theme of the show. The group has members of around the age of 21-29 who all share a shared dream for their profession and have acquired to showcase in the most innovative style the country has ever seen in recent times. Glowdiators – LED Dance Group is an Indian group to perform the following dance:

  • ‘led Tron Dance Act
  • Alien Tron Dance Act
  • Mj/Psy Tron Dance
  • Tron Bhangra Act
  • Laser Man Show
  • Led Wall Mapping
  • Pixel Poi and a Unique Act Of Dragon (Customized)
  • Indian Historical Acts
  • Head-Tron Act

Every very time they are on the stage, their shared spirit of improving their performance from the last time is what keeps them tight together and work dedicatedly. The LED Tron Dance Group India is flawless with their dancing style and using the light techniques. Apart from this they are also very well versed with:

  • Popping dance style
  • B-Boying dance
  • Locking style
  • Waving style
  • Tutting

They have an exceptional edge over other dance crews in many ways possible with their unique and never seen before style. With their perfect sense of timing, these talented dancers are a mighty storehouse of Talent that promises to keep you enthralled and mesmerized right till the end. Glowdiators – LED Dance Group makes sure to uplift the stage each time they perform onstage. They have been part of various brand engagement exercises. They have also shown the unique dance style of Michael Jackson and also other popular dance styles like Hip hop and Gangnam style to enthrall the audience. This talented crew was awarded many accolades with their outstanding performances. This is the dance group that is a surefire leader in its original and unique category, a team that can’t wait to take you to tap the dance floor

They have recently performed the dance at Corporate Event for Aparna ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad, that have heat up the audience and they have received zillions of accolades. Glowdiators – LED Dance Group is a dance company Indian based on the amalgamation of technology and dance. When the light will go out, and Glowdiators will come out, then your universe is never going to be the same and you are left with awe, armed only by imagination. The environment of magic, light, dance, and music gets into you and it will force you to believe in what is happening on a stage. Their sharp intermix will reawaken your senses and imagination!

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