Know All About Pitch Shifting And Time Stretching From The Best Music Producing Courses

Know All About Pitch Shifting And Time Stretching From The Best Music Producing Courses

You must focus on the pitch shifting and time stretching if you focus into vocal related audio effects during producing a song. Just as the two names of these two specific effects signify they do the following to a vocal recording:

  • Pitch shifting ideally changes the pitch of a sound but this does not reduce or effect the speed of playback at any cost and
  • Time stretching will change the speed of the sound but will not have any effect on its pitch.

There are different types of Time and Pitch module that will help you to achieve the desired results most effectively. You will also get these results almost instantly. You will know more about these if you follow the best music producing courses Mumbai.


Pitch shifting process

You will notice the effects of pitch shifting the most if you watch TV cartoons minutely where it has its roots. This process helps in creating a distinct animal voice as per the character depicted. This is a “Technologic” effect that will help you to accomplish the robotic sound integral to a musical identity. The technological commands are usually pitched up in the voice.

There are a few specific things that you should know about pitch shifting and its importance in music production and how to make this work more effectively.

  • In the Time and Pitch module you must slide Pitch Shift up or down according to the need to bring the change required in the vocal pitch. Once done, you will need to hit Process. Usually, for the best robotic effect and feeling you will need to pitch it up to 3.9 semitones.
  • The next step is to further combine the original and the pitch shifted versions of the vocal. Make sure that the length of the sample does not change so that you can line them up easily.
  • If there are any clicks and other sounds that you need to remove you can use the De-click and De-noise modules if there is any as it is commonly found in RX 6 Time and Pitch module.

Time stretching process

When you focus on time stretching it will serve the technical purpose such as speeding up or down a vocal to match with the drum break. To ensure the best time stretching effects, simply put in the final tempo that you want in the vocal sample that you want to stretch and then hit the Process.

  • When you change the speed of the audio however, it will introduce audio artifacts. These are evident pops and glitches that are the results of manipulation. To ensure best results you can increase the sample from 98 to 110 BPM which is a significant stretch.
  • However, you can fix this but the ways in which you may do this will largely depend on the type of audio that is being processed. It will also depend on whether you are increasing or decreasing the time.

You will also need a bit of experimentation for this specific cause such as lowering pitch coherence and transient sensitivity along with a few advanced time stretch settings.

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