Another lawsuit Against Salman Khan in Mumbai

Another lawsuit Against Salman Khan in Mumbai

lawsuit against Salman Khan in Mumbai

Yet another case for the famous Dabang Bollywood star Salman Khan has been lodged in the Andheri police station Mumbai, an associate of Salman Khan has been named in the charge sheet too. The case is for threat and abuse of the journalist. This is the second time this year he being in news aftter his black bug case.

The Maharashtra head of JK24X7 news channel has slapped the criminal lawsuit against him before the 10th court Andheri, against Salman, his companion Vijay and another person who is unknown and absconding. As per the lawyer of the journalist the hearing will take place on July 12, this time court will be deciding for issuing of the summon or the probe in the investigation orders.

This has become the latest celebrity news as soon as the talk of the charge sheet leaked, spreading online like a fire.

The journalist describes the incidence that while traveling they saw Salman Khan on his bicycle on the evening of 24 April, he was also accompanied by two companions. As per the complaint he took the permission first to which they all agreed but when they start shooting Salman suddenly jumped into his car started assaulting him, then his aides joined him, snatched the phones and destroyed all the data present in the phone.

Then on his way to another police station in D.N. Nagar khan followed his car and keep on threatening him and grabbed his phone. But after two months of his complaint, the police station has disposed of the issue on the basis of no offense done.

However, he said that a few days after one of his representative Zohaib called him up and said he is apologetic to the behavior and wanted to settle the matter to which he denied. In his request, he has asked the court to do a detailed investigating of the case and have a special inquiry team so that the suitable action can be taken against him.

This is not the first time when Salman Khan has come under the limelight for his alleged brash behavior and attitude which often land him into trouble.

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