Learn About The Referral Rewards And Signup Bonus of Fanfight and GetMega

Learn About The Referral Rewards And Signup Bonus of Fanfight and GetMega

Are you looking for a referral or a signup bonus? Do you want to know about the signup and referral bonus provided by GetMega and Fanfight? You should be happy as you have landed in the best place.

GetMega and Fanfight are two gaming platforms that provide their user’s sign-up bonuses and referral rewards to their players. There are exciting rewards provided to players who register for the first time on the platform and also refer the game to their friends, family and acquaintances. But before knowing in detail about the referral and sign-up bonus provided by them, let’s know in brief about the two gaming platforms.


GetMega is an emerging gaming platform that is given tough competition to other gaming platforms. The probability of earning money in GetMega is higher than any other app. It has a good user interface that gives a more friendly and entertaining gaming experience. It is very easy to get into the leaderboard of GetMega by simply playing or winning tournaments. There are three categories of games: casual, trivia, and cards. Among the card games, there is rummy and poker. In trivia category games there are 123, picme, GK and in casual the games are carrom, Gopool, dots & dash, etc. It is a 100% safe and legal app.


Fanfight is a gaming platform, mainly a fantasy platform. On this platform, you can play cricket, kabaddi, and football. Here you have to form a team and play. You have the chance of winning real cash and later you can withdraw it as well. There is not much competition in the game and is similar to dream11. It is a legal app and it is emerging in the gaming industry.

Referral rewards

In GetMega, each player can earn 40 gems which are worth Rs 56. You have to go to the invite icon on the dashboard and then share the referral link from the invite friend option. When your friend installs the app in their smartphone and registers himself, then you get the reward. When they deposit money for the first time in their wallet in GetMega, you will earn 20 gems. In GetMega, you can earn up to Rs 200 on each referral. With the trivia game, you can simply earn money. You may also earn 4 free passes to a paid contest on referring the game to your friends or family. Exciting referral rewards are given to the players when the referred person uses the code and plays the game.

The Fanfight app provides a referral reward of RS 100 to its players who share the Fanfight referral code with anyone. More of that if the invited person adds money to their wallet, 10% of it is given to you. When the person with whom you have shared the code joins the game, then you receive the money. Open the app and on the dashboard, click on more options. Then the option of referring and earning appears, on clicking it you get the code that you can share with your friends and family.

Sign up bonus

GetMega offers 60 gems that are worth Rs 84 as its sign up bonus. You can fully use your bonus. You can use the GetMega referral code and earn the bonus the first time you sign up. You can also withdraw the money at any point in time. You have to download the GetMega apk and log in through Facebook. Next, you have to enter your phone number and verify it with OTP. Next, click on play to proceed. Play a question game to earn your real money. You can go to the referral icon then enter the code to earn money.

The Fanfight app provides a signup bonus of RS 25 to its players who download the app and play in it. You have to visit the download page of Fanfight and click on the join for free option. Here you need to sign up, this requires your email ID, mobile number and you have to create a password. After this, click on the join option. If you have a referral code, click on the have a referral code option and enter the code. Then enter the OTP sent to your phone and you will get RS 30 for joining. The Remaining RS 70 will be credited later and there you have RS 100. If you don’t have a referral code, you will get Rs 25 as a signup.


Here, we have given the signup and referral rewards provided by both GetMega and Fanfight. GetMega provides free passes to paid contests if you refer the game to your friends and family. Fanfight also provides referral and sign up bonuses to its players. It has only real players and is 100% safe and verified. The money and identity of players are fully protected by both apps.

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