Best IG Live Streaming Tips and Tricks for Musician

Best IG Live Streaming Tips and Tricks for Musician

The post briefs some of the best tips and tricks on Facebook and Instagram live streaming. Don’t worry if you have never done a live stream before. The post informs you through exactly what kind of stuff you should think about when doing your first live stream. And if you already have done one well, then here are some tips and tricks to help you improve them.  

Now a day’s Instagram and Facebook live streaming has become increasingly popular over the last couple of months with everything that is going on in the world, and live streaming isn’t just a fad. It’s not going away after this year. It becomes increasingly more popular as time goes on and more people are doing it. So you must capitalize on this opportune time to take advantage of live streaming and to be comfortable with it. These days live viewers are more engaging as live concert, below are some tips we all must apply to increase Facebook and Instagram live viewers.

Some tips on exactly how you can do that quickly. They are as follow:

Stop Putting It Off

While live streaming on Instagram or Facebook, you need to stop planning and start doing. You need to put an end to the excuses and saying oh, I’m going to do it a week, no, you have to start doing it at that moment. Live streaming is enormous nowadays, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You can better of getting started right now and learning as you go along with everybody else.

Instead of waiting until you have a perfect movement. The perfect plan on how to do it. You may also want everything to look accurate and sound excellent and be executed flawlessly. But with live streaming, you don’t necessarily need that. So you need to do it right now if you haven’t done yet.

To plan live stream, you need to set a date and pick when you’re going to do it within the next week or two weeks and just schedule it, commit and make a promise to yourself that you are going to do a live stream within the next two weeks.

Don’t Look it just as a Concert

Now, once you’re finally ready to do you first stream and you’ve hit that live button, you don’t need to look at it as just a concert.  A live stream needs to be very intimate and much more personal than a concert. Whether you are playing music or just talking with your fans, this is an opportunity for you to engage on a more personal level with each and one of your fans. 

You will start getting people turning in and out as they get notified about your live stream. You also need to make sure that you are capturing their attention and not just playing the songs. If they just wanted to listen to your music, they could go over Spotify and listen to it there. It is an excellent opportunity for your fans to connect with you on a personal and intimate level.  More than anything, this is an opportunity for you to start engaging and creating super fans. These are going to be the people who tune into all your streams, comment, and listen to your music. 

These are the people that you want to be targeting not only with your live streams but with all of your social media content in general. You need to make sure that you are taking the time in between songs to talk with your fans and engage with them even more so than you would at a concert. You may even stop partway through a song if you wanted to do it. You also need to talk further with your fans and make sure that you answer every single comment. This isn’t something that you usually get to do when you’re playing a live show. But luckily, with a live setting, you will be able to have your fans interact one-on-one with you. You need to give them feedback in real-time. 

So keep in mind when you are playing these songs. There is a bigger purpose than just playing music. This is going to be an excellent opportunity for you to connect more influential with your fans.

Production Doesn’t Matter:

When it comes to Facebook live streaming and Instagram live streaming, then production doesn’t matter. Everybody loves production and wants everything to look great and sound great, but nobody’s expecting that when it comes to live streaming. Now a day’s most live streams are just done through the smartphone. So there is no expectation for the quality of it to be anything exceptional. 

People want to see you be a little bit vulnerable. So maybe you’re going to be playing in your living room or your kitchen or your messy bedroom, wherever it is make sure that you give people an authentic experience of who you are. 

You need to allow your fans to have a look into your life and experience who you are and what you stand for. Nobody is going to care what it looks like they just want to see you.


It is supposed to be the most important one. You should want your fans and audience to feel like they’re a part of it. So you need to make sure that you’re reaching out there and asking them questions and creating any interaction between your audiences. Opening with a question is a great way to start your stream. If you are playing some music, you may ask them which song of yours they want to hear first. 

You should not only just apply it to music but also need to apply it to everything in life. People want to feel like they’re a part of something, which is a very important part of that. You also need to make sure that you’re hitting as a musician. You are creating a family, community there, so you need to make sure that as the musician, an entertainer that you are allowing your audience to join your community and feel like they’re a part of your brand and you as an artist. Encourage questions and let your audience determine how your stream is going to go. 

It’s good to have a bit of a plan and strategy in mind when you do start your live stream. You need to let your audience steer it in the direction that they want it to go. So really focus on engaging strongly with your audience. This is going to help them connect stronger with you as a brand or as a musician, but it’s also going to keep them invested and interested in your stream longer than most. 

Whether your stream has three viewers or ten viewers or 50 viewers, it doesn’t matter, what you want to make sure is that you are creating super fans and by this way one day it will be 10k  views on instagram. You want people who are genuinely invested in you and want to spend their time with you. This is an excellent way for them to feel like they’re hanging out one-on-one with you. 

Stand Out:

You need to make sure that you stand out. There are so many live streams at the moment. Almost every musician or celebrity or entertainer is doing live streams. It’s more important than ever that you’re capturing your audience’s attention immediately right from the start. There are many different ways to stand out, but the most important thing is that you’re stating authentic to yourself and accurate to whom you are. 

Whether you’re a silly person or a severe kind of motivated, focused person, no matter what it is. Your audience is going to appreciate that quality in you. So you should make sure to try to find something and be creative with it. Something that does will help you stand out from all the other entertainers and live streamers out there. 

We live in a digital age full of content and media for anyone to watch. So our attention plan is very pretty short as a society. So you need to make sure that you’re capturing someone’s attention right off the bat as soon as they tone in. If you’re able to capture someone’s attention right off the start by doing something different and standing out, they’re going to be with you for a more extended time and watch more of your stream than the average viewer. 

It could be anything from being in a different location or wearing silly clothes, or maybe you have a stupid mustache on, or you’re playing a different instrument than you usually play. Whatever it is, you need to figure out what works for you and just be creative and have some fun. 


You need to team up with other creator’s platforms that are making this easy for you to do. If you’re on Instagram, then it is easy to invite people to collaborate on your stream. Primarily as a musician, people used to go to shows and watch more than one band. Team up with your friends and team up with other local bands to see if they want to join your stream. It is going to bring both of your audiences together and help you create a bigger stream and a more significant following for both of your bands. 

It is a great strategy. So you need to plan on how to collaborate. Each band can moderate the comments while the other one’s playing and come up with a list of questions not only from themselves but from the fans that they want to see answered. It will not only allow you to build a more reliable connection with your fans but also the fans of the band you’re playing with. They’re also going to enjoy you, and they’re going to see your personality and how you interact with your favorite band. So this is going to help you out because everybody involves there. 

So you need to team up with someone because it motivates you to work a little harder and get it done a little sooner.

Don’t Have to Perform:

It doesn’t have to be a live performance. You don’t have to be playing music. You can do anything from just hanging out with your bandmates or hang out with your cat, whatever it could be. If you are live streaming more often than only when you’re playing music, you’re going to have more people tone in. When you do play a show or when you have a more significant announcement or release music. You need to let people in on your life and get involved with what you’re doing. Some bands get creative with their approach to live to stream, whether that’s just them hanging out or having some drinks or playing some games together. 

This is an excellent opportunity to get your fans involved and let them see what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. So just start with a minute. Do one minute live streaming of you doing being goofy, and then maybe next time you do a five-minute stream and next time you’re on for 10 minutes. It’s going to slowing growth and get more comfortable with time. 

Take Away:

The live streaming tips will help you as well, whether you have done live stream before. I think that by following the above seven steps, you’ll get much better live streams and have better engagement with your audience as time progresses.

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