Musicians Artist Tips for Openings DJs at JamJar Events App

Musicians Artist Tips for Openings DJs at JamJar Events App

If you got the chance to be the opening musician, artist or DJ and are looking to get aid for the nerve-racking situation you are in then you must read this article. You would get to learn tips for opening DJs, musicians, artists, and tips for those who are still struggling to make their mark in the industry.

Firstly we would like to make you familiar with the three clans of music industry insiders: Musicians, artists, and tips obsessed. There is no difference until and unless we divide them into two categories: Strugglers and Successful artists. These tips are curated by people who failed and learned from their failures only to succeed ahead.

Take this letter as a heartfelt note penned by a musician who failed a lot only to curate a success story for the world. Well! It all started when the passion for EDM artists was a rage and everyone in the town wanted to be a musician, artists or DJ. Tips for opening DJs given by musicians, artists or tips that you can consider from a person who learned a lot from their failures. Be calm and patient is one of the finest advice that everyone would give. But don’t you think it’s very basic?

There are lots of articles that would give tips for opening DJs on things they must do but our musicians; artist’s tips are something opposite. We would suggest you the things one must never Do:


The worst thing one can do is to start taking criticism negatively. One must always appreciate what flaws others tell about you. Musicians, artists tips opening DJs to never take any feedback in the wrong way. Healthy criticism is what one must practice and preach. So guys hold up your egoistic horses and start learning from your mistakes.

Losing individuality:

What we have noticed is that after a certain stage of struggling people tend to lose their individuality and focus on remixing or playing the mixes of big and famous DJ’s. This not only makes you lose your individuality but also kills your creativity. You can play the hit tunes but then people won’t recognize you. They would never be able to resonate with you or your brand. It’s very important to create your own touch, for instance, Marshmallow has his own style and individuality.


NEVER GIVE UP. Yes! in bolds and capital never ever plan to give up. Even a diamond is nothing but a piece of coal before attaining its final form. Giving up is the worst thing you can do that would finish your career.


Why to kill your social life. Everything and everyone is going digital and so must you. Create a social media profile and interact not just with your fans but also your counterparts and you’re potential competitors. Social media will help you in creating your fan base and keeps you updated with the industry trends and helps you in maintaining a brand image.

Presumptuous: Never take things for granted neither your success nor your failures. Nothing is constant in this world and try to experiment as much as you can. You never know when you hit the bull’s eye.

We recommend downloading the JamJar app as it not just help you in socializing and creating your brand image but also pays you for doing this. You can read blogs about the tips, get paid directly by fans, create your event hype and much more.

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