Sridevi Breaks Silence On Rejecting Sivagami’s role in Bahubali-2

Sridevi Breaks Silence On Rejecting Sivagami’s role in Bahubali-2

Sridevi Brings To Light Reason For Refusing Sivagami’s Role in Bahubali-2: The Conclusion

Bahubali-2: The Conclusion is one of the most sensational films in this decade. Actually, it has made people crazy about it since its release on 28th April, 2017 and has already harvested over 1000 Crore and hence becoming the highest earning Indian film.

Well, we all know about its success and characters of the film also achieved tremendous popularity among people. Not just male characters, Prabhas and Rana Dagubbati adored a lot for their performance, another actor who has earned great appreciation was Ramya Krishnan for performing as the queen mother Sivagami. Still, do you know Ramya was not the first choice for this role?

Sridevi SivagamiAccording to reports, Sridevi was offered to play the role of the imperial and dynamic role, but she spurned. The reason behind as per her quote was undesirable remuneration. Sridevi finally breaks silence on rejecting Sivagami’s role in Bahubali-2: The conclusion, the makers were not satisfying her demands regarding remuneration.

In her another interview, she was asked about this and she replied that another actor attempted the role and both parts became hits. Further, she also added that it is a thing of the past and there is nothing to discuss about it.

Bahubali-2: The ConclusionHowever, there are many celebrities who believe that if she had played this role, she would win more awards than leading actor Prabhas.

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