10 Fashion Tips that will Make you Look Better in Your Clothes

10 Fashion Tips that will Make you Look Better in Your Clothes

Everyone has ever thought about how models can always look so good in everything. Many of us have probably also bought a garment that looked so good on a model but then looked very ugly on ourselves. The trick is styling. Here comes 10 styling tips that will make you look better in your clothes.

Fashion Clothes1.Don’t have too many trends in one look

There countless of trends that you can use, but you never want to throw them all down at the same time. But please stop before you do it. Too many trends at the same time can create chaos and not get really good. It obviously depends on what types of trends it is but is it something that stands out so it can be a good idea and take them one by one. Make sure each trend gets the attention it deserves.

2.Don’t have too many oversize garments at the same time

Oversize garments are amazingly comfortable but the danger is to have too many at the same time, which makes it easy to look like a tent. Tighten to a maxi dress with a belt at the waist or dress an oversize skirt with a tight t-shirt.

3.Choose shoes according to your pants or vice versa

Try to avoid combinations that make you look shorter, like wide pants and flat shoes. Instead, have heel shoes that are at least 5 cm high. They will make your legs look longer (however avoid pointed shoes as they have an ability to get caught in the pants edge)

4.When to put in the sweater in the pants or not

There is really only one rule when it comes to stopping the shirt or not.

If your jeans or pants make your butt look amazing then put in the sweater!

5.Everyone has their own style – take time to find yours

First of all, everyone has a personal style. Style comes from the inside out and is a reflection of your personality. It is only a matter of learning how to pick out your own sense of style. It is important that you feel comfortable in your style and that you do not feel dressed up.

6.Have an all year-round wardrobe

Invest in garments that are not seasonal, but work both winter and autumn and spring. Key garments like the white shirt, the straight jeans and the woolen suit can be adjusted depending on the season.

7.Shop smarter

Before each season, you should make a wardrobe inventory and then make a plan for what you really need. Write down your list and then stick to it when you go shopping.

Avoid spontaneous purchases and that small-shop garments occasionally. Then it becomes easy so that you unconsciously create a difficult-to-match wardrobe. Instead, try shopping for the season’s new purchases on one occasion, and you will instead get an easily matched wardrobe. Taking the help of a professional staff shopper is another tip that will help you with a wardrobe that lasts over the years.

8.Comfort and the right size are important

Another factor that is important to consider is that you should be comfortable. It should not only fit well when you stand up and hold your stomach. No! You should be able to sit down for a whole dinner and be comfortable. So try to sit down in the test room if there is a pallet. Think about… cut the dress under your arms? Is it so tight that it becomes difficult to breathe? Is it too short when you sit so you show more than you want? If so, choose another model or a larger size. Also try to walk around a little in the test room. A classic pen skirt shape is elegant but if it is too tight at the bottom then you have to step forward and it is no man who has time with.

9.Replace the strings on your shoes

A quick way to get a pair of tired shoes to look fresh again is simply by replacing the shoelaces. Either you update the strings you already have, or choose a different color or thickness.

10.Clear your wardrobe

A well-sorted wardrobe makes wonders for both your clothing style and your state of mind. Most of us do not feel good about having too many gadgets that are not used, and which could also make someone else happy.

Periodically clean the closet, probably you can get some items sold. Or you just give away some clothes: partly it will help you focus on the garments you really like, and partly you may find old finds you forgot. A tip for a cleansing is to just keep garments that you are sure you will use and which you can match to at least two other garments.

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