10 Tips for the Perfect Office Wear Every Women Must Follow

10 Tips for the Perfect Office Wear Every Women Must Follow

Office wear is something that can have far ranging impacts on our professional life, and there is little margin for error, is going wrong with your dressing in your office. There are a number of things that should influence your sartorial choices at work, dress codes being the primary. Malaysia which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world has a rich corporate culture of which women are increasingly becoming an important part. There are countless fashion stores and labels dedicated exclusively to ladies office wear. You will find endless options to choose from work dresses. If you are not subject to any dressing regulations by your organisation there are still etiquettes and rule that you should remember. Read our guide that will tell you about 10 tips for the perfect office wear that every woman must follow:


1.Dress for the top

One of the most rookie mistakes you can make is to restrict your dress to your designation. Let us say at the outset that you shouldn’t restrict your dressing to your role. There’s an old adage which says that you can dress your way to the top of any company! Always dress to impress and make sure you aren’t restricting yourself due to unwarranted image issues.

2.Don’t overdo

You should of course dress to impress and you should dress for the top, but make sure you don’t overdo and make yourself a laughing stock. Observe how the top management of your company is dressed. That would be the upper limit for you in terms of your own choices. Anything beyond than that would be overboard and you would attract the wrong kind of attention.

3.Dress for the occasion

Special occasions at offices, like festivals call for special attire. Always respect the dress code mandated on these occasions. It only takes just a little bit more effort to get the appropriate clothes ready, and is better than projecting yourself as a nonconformist and an anti social.

4.Stripes and Cheques

If your office requires a high degree of formality, keep in mind that pinstripes and small checks are only acceptable patterns for formal wear. Don’t get overly adventurous with your choice of patterns.


When dressing for work, keep in mind that you have to put the outfit on for the better part of the day. Choose comfortable and breathable fabrics that don’t cling to your body.


If you have a uniform prescribed at your workplace, do full justice to it by wearing it neatly and without any personal additions. A uniform is representative of your company and its values, and there is very little scope for showcasing your individuality or personality.

7.Fresh clothes

As a rule of thumb, always wear fresh clothes to your workplace, especially if you workout before the office or after it. By fresh pairs we mean fresh everything, from shirts to underwear and even socks.


Another important thing to note is that, always avoid loose fitting clothes as they can give out a really bad impression. Always wear clothes that fit and are not too tight or too loose.


Always wear ironed clothes in the office. Make sure you have a fresh and ironed pair for the next day ready in your wardrobe.


Apart from your dressing your choice of perfume is also an essential aspect of dressing etiquettes. Choose a perfume that is not too strong and doesn’t wear too much, so as to not get others distracted.

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