15 Women Fashion Mistakes That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

15 Women Fashion Mistakes That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

One thing we can agree on:

Fashion is not is boring.

However, fashion is fun, dynamic and not restrictive. A lot of the fashion trends today started from someone taking a risk and daring to take it beyond the usual.

So really, fashion enthusiasts would advise women to not to be afraid to take risks as well as to have their own personal style that makes them comfortable and pretty from dresses to office wears.

All these can make us assume everything goes as it relates to fashion but the truth is that there are actually women fashion mistakes that should be avoided at all costs because they are not only generally accepted as wrong but they are also unflattering.

So what are those women fashion mistakes that should be avoided at all costs?

Wearing the wrong size for your body

As women, especially, if you are plus-sized, you have probably experienced the pressure to lose weight and look a certain way. While that is relatable, you will be doing your sense of style a lot of harm if you try to wear clothes that are your ideal size instead of your actual size. To put it candidly, there is nothing flattering about wearing clothes that sizes smaller than you. You will readily make a statement if you come out in clothes that are actually your size than otherwise.

Not dressing according to your body type

Similar to the above point, a women fashion mistake you should avoid at all costs is not dressing according to your body type. Even though you and your celebrity crush are both size 2, she might be curvier than you are or vice versa and the body type will also determine what will look flattering on you. Thankfully, information abounds online on different body shapes and the styles that would look good just in case you need extra help in picking what would look better on you.

Print over print

This is a little tricky. For many decades, the accepted truth was for women to avoid wearing prints on prints at all costs. But it has also been decided that fashion can be daring and pushing the conventional, so certain people have pushed beyond the conventional and found out that you can actually slay wearing print on print. However, there is a clause … you should only do this if you are 100% sure you can pull it off. If you cannot, then stay completely away from it. Fashion might be risky but it is usually safer to look nice.

Stripes over stripes

Stripes over stripes also face the same fate as print-on-print. They need special talent to pull off and if someone doesn’t have it, it comes out looking tacky. You can go online to find ideas on how to accomplish it and come out looking great or you could put it in the list of women fashion ideas to ditch. As mentioned above, it is safer to stick to looking good than taking a risk and looking tacky.

Retro without modernity

If you going for a costume party or just feel like wearing a costume, then this is not a bad thing. But if that is not what you are going for, avoid dressing retro without even a slight touch of the modern. It is true that retro is trendy right now but you are likely to look better if you add a bit of modernity to it. You don’t want to come out looking like you were trying to revisit the 19th century or you were bringing the ancestors back.

Wearing the wrong size of bra

This might come as a surprise to you because, after all, bra is underwear and should have no effect on your overall look. Plus, many women unconsciously wear the wrong bra size because most of us decide to figure out our size just by sight. But not only should we take the time to have our breast measured because many factors cause a fluctuating change in size, we also need to understand the bra size affects how the cloth looks on us. The top, especially, depends on how fitting our bra size is. But beyond that, we will feel more comfortable and confident if our bra is giving us the needed support.

Being uncomfortable

There are so many times women fall into the trap of dressing uncomfortably because they want to look like somebody else – it is usually a celebrity crush or a friend or sibling. But the point is that what will be comfortable for Jennifer Lopez might not comfortable for you. You should take the necessary risk on your fashion but make sure it reflects you; you are likely to feel better if you are comfortable with what you are wearing. And trust me, if you will feel good, you will exude it for others to notice.

Combining underwear and outerwear

Many of us struggle with making sure our underwear stay underwear and cannot be seen through the outerwear. It is usually more difficult if we are wearing a fitted dress or top and a see-through outfit. But it is doable. If you are wearing a see-through, a good idea for your underwear is the same colour as the cloth or sometimes, black. And if you are wearing something fitted, especially for panties, wear panties that would keep the underwear from being shown to the outside world.

Choosing price over style

Contrary to popular belief, the best clothes are not the most expensive. Sure, there are certain clothes that are very expensive and if you have one or two of those in your wardrobe, especially for special and formal events, that is great. But normally, you do not need to have the most expensive outfit to look good. The problem here is first that you don’t have to break the bank to be fashionable but that you should not also buy unappealing clothing just because they are expensive. Remember your sense of style in whatever you decide to buy.

Washing your jeans often

Okay, you are probably the neatest of them all. But one women fashion mistake that should be avoided at all costs is washing your jeans often. It is not portraying your cleanliness, it will simply fade your jeans and you would not want to wear faded jeans around except as a fashion statement and even at that, it has to be faded in a particular way. You will have to spend money on jeans if you wash your jeans often. Rather, than wash often, air-dry often.

Wearing the wrong shoes

Shoes definitely make a strong statement. They can either complete your dressing or take away from it. So, wearing the wrong shoes is definitely a mistake to avoid. Apart from making sure that the shoes go with the outfit, it is also important to wear shoes that fit you and you are also comfortable wearing. Your shoes should look uncomfortable or make you slip when walking; it will affect your confidence and you will come out looking tacky.

Wearing clothes with underarm sweat stain

Without stressing, wearing clothes with underarm sweat stain is obviously a no-no. It is wrong and it is unacceptable; stay away from them. If you have to wear them, then keep them as house clothes; don’t make the mistake of wearing them outside your house. Wearing something like that will give you a bad impression of you and it will affect your confidence. There is no way you should be free wearing an outfit with underarm sweat stain.

Wearing too many styles at once

Ever heard of what happens to the pudding when someone overeggs it? That is the same thing that happens when you wear too many styles at once. Except, of course, you are wearing a costume, stay away from wearing too many styles at once. Moderation is the key; less is more; there is beauty in simplicity. You need to remember all these when you are dressing. You can look good without packing in different styles.

Mistaken decency for lack of style

A lot of people, in a bid to look decent, mistake it for lack of style. As a woman, one of the fashion mistakes you should avoid at all costs is lacking style because you think having style is decent. There are so many ways you can be decent while looking good. It is erroneous to think you have to show every private area before looking good. There are so many examples of influential women who look a million bucks and keep everything covered; you can do the same.

Lack of confidence

While this has nothing to do with dressing in the actual sense but confidence is attractive. When you are done dressing, if you come out without your head held high, even your perfect fashion sense will mean nothing. Whatever you do, make sure not to make any of the women fashion mistakes listed above, and when you are done dressing, adorn some confidence. Confidence is always attractive.

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