4 Chic Tiktok-Inspired Cardigan Hacks That Bring Out the Fashionista in You

4 Chic Tiktok-Inspired Cardigan Hacks That Bring Out the Fashionista in You

Gone are the days when oversized sweaters used to rule the winterwear style segment. Apparently, cardigans are in trend nowadays helping every woman ace the chic look with minimal efforts. 

That being said, no matter how much you like your elegant winterwear, styling it in the same conventional manner can appear monotonous. Thankfully, with the help of Influencers on Tiktok you can effortlessly style the same cardigan in different ways. 

Here’s how you can style your perfect winter warmer without thinking about ‘how’ many times you might have worn it. 

The Quintessential Cardi Crop 

Converting your favorite knitwear into a cropped version is now easily possible. 

This hack enables you to turn your snuggle apparel into a cropped winterwear without any sewing or cutting involved. 

All you need to do is put on your cardi with all the buttons open. Loop the last slit over the second button and the last button through the second hole. This will give the appearance of a knotted design in front of the apparel while cropping your woollen wear simultaneously. 

The Suave Sweater Twist

This hack is especially for those who love to innovate with style without compromising comfort. 

The perfect chic look in a sweater can be achieved through drapey-fit knitwear. It will ensure easy manoeuvrability on the back. 

Begin by flipping it upside down so that the back of woollen wear’s collar sits on your lower back. After placing it correctly, slowly put your arms inside the sleeves and pull the ends of the sweater around your shoulders.  

Note: If the sides of your sweater are a little flared, you can even fold them like a collar to get another version of a chic comforter. 

The Easy-to-Tuck Knitwear 

The tucked sweater parts while attending a formal event can make a person look chubby. 

Thankfully, with this hack, you don’t have to fret over tucking in your knitwear. 

Before beginning, it’s crucial to have a few safety pins handy for securing the cardi properly. 

To achieve the knotted-tucked look, take the two sides of your sweater and knot with them. Ensure that you tangle the ends right above the waist of your pant or skirt.  

After knotting them together, place the loose ends behind the hem to make the entire outfit look neat. Based on the need of a better fitting, a person can fix the sides with safety pins to ensure they stay in place. 

Twist on a Twist Sweater 

This sweater hack is must have in your wardrobe essentials to achieve classy look on a budget.

This sneaky trick involves placing the wrap ends of your comfortable knitwear on top of each other, forming a knot. As soon as you have fixed the twist properly, repeat the same process to tangle the ends again. 

This transformational statement twist makes room for a more relaxed fit in the modified knitwear. In addition, it provides easy maneuverability to adjust the coverage an individual wants with the number of twists in the cardi. 

Serving as the essential winter garment, cardigans carry an exceptional reputation for offering snuggly comfort with aesthetic appeal. Now with these exclusive Tiktok hacks, not only can any woman revamp the look but also afford the same by using all-time favourite knitwear in different ways.

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