4 Difference Between Sharara & Gharara Suits

4 Difference Between Sharara & Gharara Suits

sharara suit is a loved attire for traditional wear, and it boasts femininity. If you are an avid enthusiast of ethnic wear, you should keep yourself updated on all the new trends that are brimming up in the fashion world. A sharara suit is a style that is of Lebanese origin, and this unique style came back to India with the arrival of the Mughals. The Gharara style, on the other hand, has a traditional Nawabi touch as it originates from Lucknow. 

A sharara suit is an ensemble which consists of a kameez, and the pants of a sharara has multiple layers of fabric which fall in ruffles. On the contrary, the Gharara is more toned. 

Following are the four main differences between a sharara and a gharara-

1. Fitting and Kurta length of a sharara and a gharara.

A sharara suit is an ensemble which is fitted at the waist and flows down freely, and it does not have any joints. A gharara is an outfit fitted from the waist to the knees. An extra fabric is attached at the knees, a flare fallsand a beautiful lace is added at the knee to hide the joint. 

A quintessential sharara suit can be paired up with a short or a long kurta, and a gharara looks graceful only with a short kurta.

2. Occasions to wear Shararas and Ghararas.

A sharara has a more glamorous touch to it, and women mostly tend to wear a sharara during a Mehndi function. Women like to dance during a Mehndi function, and handling a Lehenga can be difficult. Hence they opt for a Sharara.  A Gharara, on the other hand, is a sleek outfit, and it can be worn on any special occasion where the theme is ethnic. Women love to flaunt these regal outfits as they boast of tradition.

3. The fabric is used for a sharara and a gharara.

A sharara is a suit commonly constructed of crepe, a combination of satin, cotton and rayon. Cotton is the first fabric choice for a sharara suit as it is breathable and suit. It is a fabric which is dyed in various colours, and it also makes the ensemble classier. Georgette is a fabric known for its flowy appearance, and its firm texture can withstand heavy embellishments. Each leg of a gharara is made from 12 meters of fabric. In earlier times, silk brocade was the fabric used. However, the trends have evolved, and the cost reduction of 6 to 8 meters of fabric is practically required to make this dress.

4. Style tips for a sharara and a gharara.

Going for a significant function such as a wedding, you should opt for a heavily embellished sharara. You should ensure that there is heavy embroidery along with the elements such as pearls and sequins. If you are going for a small family gathering such as a get-together, opt for a sober yet elegant gharara and pair the outfit with a chand bali. Wearing a pair of juttis will complement the outfit well.

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