4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Birthstone Necklace for Mom

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Birthstone Necklace for Mom

With holidays always appearing to be fast approaching, once again, people are struck with the same dilemma they face every holiday – what to buy for their significant other, sibling, or mother. The same questions go through their minds each time – What does she need? What does she want? Will this gift blow her away? In the end, we go to the same tried-and-true gifts she is sure to love – chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if they are buying a diamond ring, a gold anklet, or a birthstone necklace for Mom; while they have good intentions, they almost always make the following jewelry mistakes:

Choosing the Wrong Retailer

While it typically does not make any difference to the giftee where you purchase your gift, it can make a difference for your purchase. For example, if you want a more unique gift for the woman in your life, it is better to avoid national jewelers. While they do tend to provide better pricing, they buy their pieces in bulk. Therefore, the designer engagement ring you bought her could be purchased anywhere else in the area as well.

Not Learning About the Products

Buying jewelry can be intimidating. There are many things to consider, and each option can affect the overall outcome of your gift (including how much it will cost). For example, when purchasing a birthstone necklace for Mom, you need to consider your metal options, the different stones available (and what each one signifies), what price is reasonable, and more. Never rush your decision. Always learn whatever you can before you make your purchase. Buying jewelry should be a rewarding experience and, in the end, being able to show how much effort you put into your gift will only increase its value to your special someone.

Avoiding Help

Let’s face it. It’s no surprise; some of us hate asking for help. Heck, we would rather drive around in circles than to stop and ask for directions. Purchasing a gift is no different. However, it is necessary to ask for help in certain situations. Thankfully, there are ways to figure this out without having to talk to another person. All it takes is a little research. Pay attention to your significant other. What type of jewelry do they wear? Which pieces does she wear most often? Are there options she has in her jewelry box that she doesn’t wear? All of these questions can aid in your search for the perfect gift.

Not Checking the Competition

Before making a purchase, you should always shop around. Checking out the competition will help ensure you get a fair price and are happy with your purchase. Make sure to find out their return/refund policy, what type of quality control they provide, and how long they have been around.

If you avoid these simple mistakes mentioned above, it will help ensure you have a rewarding gift-giving experience. You can’t beat the feeling of pleasure you have when you see a loved one’s face light up when you present them with the perfect gift. If you require assistance with your Lovable Keepsake Gifts purchase, contact us today at 201-403-5194; our friendly staff can help with any of your questions and help point you in the right direction.

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