4 Saree Care Tips That Every Mother Swears by

4 Saree Care Tips That Every Mother Swears by

Sarees have found their place in every Indian women’s wardrobe due to the grace & elegance that they exhibit when worn. But, taking care of them might seem like a tedious task. Here are 4 tips that even mothers attest to when it comes to taking care of sarees.

4 Saree Care Tips Approved by Mothers

1. After wearing your Sarees hang them out to dry

If you are not planning to wash your sarees after wearing them then make it a point to dry them out. However, don’t hang them in direct sunlight as it can damage the fabric.

2. Don’t use perfumes on heavy sarees

Perfumes or deodorants can spell doom for your saree. It can destroy the shine of your saree and render it useless.

If you still want to use perfumes then use them first & give at least a gap of 20 minutes before you wear the saree.

3. Use Naphthalene Balls to keep your sarees free from bugs

Follow this tip to keep your entire wardrobe fresh & free from bugs. Don’t let the naphthalene balls touch your sarees as it can cause irreparable damage.

Instead, keep them in some cloth so that your clothes remain fresh for a long time even if stored. This is one of the best tips for those people who want to know about how to store sarees for long time.

4. Washing, Caring & Storage Tips

Here are some saree maintenance tips for you:

  • Cotton Sarees – Prefer hand washing these sarees to make them look gorgeous for years.
  • Chiffon Sarees – Go for handwashing as they cannot handle machine tumbling. In small intervals, refold them to keep the creases at bay.
  • Organza & Net Sarees –Make sure to dry clean them & frequently refold them to ensure that you avoid loss of form.
  • Synthetic Sarees – Wear, wash & store these sarees effortlessly

These are 4 saree care tips that you even mothers suggest to keep the sarees gorgeous for a long time.

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