5 Stylish Sunglasses Trends to Follow in 2020

5 Stylish Sunglasses Trends to Follow in 2020

Gone are the days when you stay happy with basic aviators. Enter 2020; you are faced with choices to make from the range of sunglasses like retro oversized, wild neon, and mirrored sunglasses. It’s a high style year. The idea of owning more than a couple of good pairs is not looked down on as indulgent or radical. We have come a long from choosing regular, go-to sunglasses to match almost every outfit we wear to choosing the sunglasses based on looks we want to carry.

While style is something to look out for when you buy sunglasses online, do not ignore the safety part. UV rays are equally harmful to your eyes, just like the way it is for your skin. Choose the UV protected sunglasses and make sure they have at least UV400 protection. Now, back to styling and new decade of fashion that we have entered into. Not all sunglasses have to be dull or subtle. Start considering sunglasses as an extended version of your personality that reflects who is more than just a mere fad or accessory. Perhaps this is the reason why several people are indulging in personalized sunglasses that reflect the true nature of their personality.
This year will witness a fading gap between sunglasses for women and men as we are bound to have trends skewed towards unisex sunglasses. Part of this is because women are not hesitant about buying styles that were once worn exclusively by men.

Check out this blogpost featuring some most in-demand sunglasses for the year 2020, which are a blend of high fashion and protection.

Trend #1: Trendy Hipster

Here’s to the hipster of this decade who will not shy away from boasting anything from neon shaded to organic shapes and even mirrored glasses. A trendy hipster style sunglasses is just around the corner, and you’ll see it flashing on the street anytime soon. It is high on colors, just like the style that flourished in the late ’80s and early ’90s. These bright sunglasses are hot new property in the market you ought to have one if you are looking to stay on top of the fashion game then you have to grab a pair of these cool hipster sunglasses.

Wearing Tip: Though you may choose to wear these pairs with your casual outfit, don’t! It is best to style it up as a street-vibe look incorporating prints and bright colors.
Shape tip: You have to follow the face shape before racking this style up on your wardrobe. Check whether you have an angular or a round face and identify the most defining aspect of your face. Is it your nose? Jawlines? Your cheekbone? Know these and pick the style accordingly. Such sunglass shape contradicts your face shape while highlighting your best feature.

Trend #2: New-Age Metallic Frames

Metals are no more the cheaper alternative to plastic acetate as there are different shades of metals coming up. The year 2020 will see more colors in frames than simple black, silver and gold. You will see more trend-aware people choosing rose-gold and gunmetal grey frames to make a difference in styling.

Wearing tip: Metal frames comfortable to wear, albeit with minimal care considering how universally appealing they are. Most of these metal frames are best paired with formal outfits and suits for office goers.

Sunglass shape tip: Most of these metallic frames are welcoming back the Aviators style in way prescription sunglasses. This shape is not going to fade away anytime sooner, as they now come with metallic finishing. They come in single or double bars and are best to wear it while commuting.

Trend #3: Back to oversized retro

It has been exactly 50 years since this style first evolved – round, cheeky, loud and oversized sunglasses. Time and again the retro style sunglasses have taken the market to storm and 2020 is no different too. These 1970’s inspired styling is about to stay in trend this year with some variations like retro frames in acetate, oversized ovals, big and broad squares, and plenty of splashy yet earthy colors which are neutral and mottled.

Wearing tip: Look out for some earthy colors that have some universal appeal and pair it up with creams, natural linens and whites. This will have you pull off a relaxed look with ease.
Selection tip: For those of you looking for oversized prescription sunglasses, you are better off with lenses having small lens size. Also, getting oversized frames depends on your face size. Go for it only if you have a wider forehead or an oblong face.

Trend #4: Geometrical shapes

This year we are bound to see people flaunting sunglasses of various shapes. There are those wearing triangles and straight edges, gradually pressing to the ovals. It is bound to be the trend in the year 2020 as it embraces non-organic shapes and brings in angles to play in forming the right way of sunglasses. Rectangular with curves, square with smudges, and new round or oval frames having a deep V under the bridge are the ones to watch out for during this year.

Wearing tip: If you are choosing the geometrical shape, then you should let your sunglasses do all the talking. Match it with a solid, light-colored shirt and a classic pair of denim.

Shades tip: Be a little selective when it comes to picking up the right set of lens colors for any geometrical shape sunglasses. As the shape is a bit unnatural, it should have perfect harmony at the edges, so it does not negatively affect when you are driving or walking on the streets.

Trend #5: Top Bridge Sunglasses

Off late, the sunglasses trends are getting back to where it all started from – the classic bridges defining the style. So the chances are that sunglasses with a bridge along the top of the lenses (top bar). With a few styles that were introduced in recent times that omitted top bars, the single or double bars will be in trend again. There will be innovation in the nose bridge positioning that may well become the forehead bridge. Such a design will have a broader bridge at the top connected with the lenses leaving the nose bridge exposed.

Also, having a high bridge on a round sunglass adds up the retro quotient by making it appear like pince-nez. Having a modern outlook to retro will involve some change in the shape or pattern of the frame. Pick the style that offers you some balance.
Wearing Tip: Just the way you like it. It is preferred with Casuals.

Culture Tip: Make sure you know about the retro shades and who started the trend long ago. For example, you’d like to know about how pop singer Bob Dylan started a trend of the wayfarer and how it changed its shape eventually. You can still go back and try finding broad wayfarers for yourself.

Rounding Up…

Always remember that fashion should not overpower your originality and sense of being in a realistic style. Always choose your comfort over anything else. But it is still great to try out different styles before following the fad.

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