5 Tips to Perfecting the Workleisure Trend

5 Tips to Perfecting the Workleisure Trend

Workleisure clothing trend is exactly what it sounds: it is work + leisure. Simply put, it is about incorporating leisure-inspired pieces and elevated essentials into our everyday work wardrobes. It is about dressing smart yet casual and transforming our business wardrobes from overly stuffy to comfortable. It is about finding a balance between work and leisure and not overdoing it on one side over the other when styling.

Here are a few tips to help you create attractive, cohesive outfits that are perfectly aligned with the workleisure principles.

Buy Quality Clothes

A very easy mistake for anyone with workleisure is to show up to work looking sloppy. Even though you are allowed to wear leisure-inspired pieces, or more accurately, because of it, you need your outfits to show now more than ever that you care about how you look by paying attention to details like premium fabrics and quality craftsmanship.

Such details make any item of clothing look more polished while simultaneously providing more comfort.

Don’t Get Too Sporty

The second common mistake is confusing workleisure with athleisure and getting too sporty in your outfits. Workleisure does not include your actual gym and sports clothes like your favorite bulky sweatpants that are truly meant for exercise.

The best workleisure items take a nod from the athleisure industry but are styled in a way that is appropriate for the office. That means joggers are acceptable, but only if made of luxe fabrics like silk or suede that suggest a different kind of effort. So is a T-shirts if it is properly fitted and does not have huge graphics all over the chest.


Balance Your Outfits

The success of your workleisure outfits depends first and foremost on the ensemble of pieces you are wearing as a whole and how everything coordinates together. It’s all about contrasting leisure-inspired pieces with tailored items, balancing proportions, and striking the perfect work-play balance.

The easiest trick to ensure a well-balanced workleisure outfit is to wear a more tailored item for each leisurely piece in the outfit. For instance, when you are opting for jogger pants, pair them with a classic dress shirt to create a balanced look for the office. Or if you are wearing a knit dress, combine it with a blazer for an effortless kind of class.

Suits and Dress Shirts are Still Your Friends

Even though suits and dress shirts are most commonly worn for formal attire, they do have a place in your workleisure wardrobe. When wearing the more formal items, the key thing to remember is to balance them with leisure-inspired pieces. For instance, wearing sneakers and a T-shirt with a suit can turn it into a perfect workleisure outfit.

A premium quality, well-tailored white dress shirt in high-end fabric gives a healthy dose of elegance to your office outfits and has the ability to make a pair of jeans or joggers look more dressed up. The perfect combination of effortless polish and relaxed elegance, it serves as an easy layering piece and an ideal blank canvas for almost any outfit.

Wrinkles are Workleisure Faux Pas

I don’t think anybody specifically chooses clothes that are wrinkled or tattered, but some may overlook the need for ironing when the dress code is more relaxed. However, wrinkled and tattered clothes look messy and unflattering, it is inappropriate and will not impress anyone.

In Conclusion

The best workleisure outfits will keep you looking and feeling sharp, comfortable, and professional. If you need any inspiration for wardrobe staples for this new trend, you can find some suggestions in the article “8 Wardrobe Staples That Will Make You the Most Stylish Woman at Work this Autumn”.

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