7 Jewels Shop Ideas for Music Lovers

7 Jewels Shop Ideas for Music Lovers

Music is an art that brings together millions of people around the world. For those who wish to express this passion in their daily life, it is possible for them to wear jewelry with musical notes, instruments, etc.

For thousands of years, jewelry has been an integral part of essential accessories for both men and women. They reveal their personality and their style. How to show your love for beautiful melodies while remaining elegant and dressed? Here are some jewelry ideas that are sure to delight music lovers.

A Treble Clef Pendant

In the 21st century, music lovers have many ways to express their passions while asserting their style of dress. One of the simplest methods is to use jewelry such as a treble clef pendant. The treble clef is a graphic sign which is placed at the beginning of a staff and which makes it possible to indicate the height of each line. It is a deeply musical sign. Its use as a necklace is an expression of the knowledge of music theory and the mysteries of musical composition.

Moreover, it is not a question of being limited to the treble clef only. There are indeed excellent pendants in F or C, or any other musical note, which allow the same message to be transmitted and which can be worn on any occasion. Obviously, their use is not exclusively reserved for insiders. Neophytes who do not necessarily play an instrument can also wear it because of its refined aesthetics . It is possible to find these jewels at any jeweler.

However, for greater guarantees, it is advisable to call on a specialist. This type of professional has indeed a wide range of moonstone jewelry that will delight the most picky. A person passionate about music will thus be able to wear their favorite instrument on a daily basis or a musical note that they particularly like.

A Pendant in the form of a Saxophone

There is a big debate among music lovers. Is a “music lover” necessarily a good instrumentalist? Whether you are an experienced person or a beginner, you don’t need to be a virtuoso to wear a saxophone pendant. Invented in 1846 by Adolphe Saxe, this instrument is part of the greatest tradition of jazz music and other genres.

In love with Charlie Parker and his frenzied rhythms? This pendant will do the job perfectly and can be worn on any occasion. Dinner, outing with friends or concert, it will complete your outfit, whatever your look.

A Violin Pendant

Besides the saxophone, the violin pendant is a particularly elegant and trendy piece of jewelry . The violin, like the accordion, is one of the most difficult musical instruments to play. Many people are reluctant to approach it. Its use in jewelry is therefore an obvious sign of mastery and good taste.

Similarly, the violin is a relatively underused instrument in modern music. A priori, his pendant will not be suitable for attending rock, hip-hop, RnB concerts. However, it will be perfect for a classical music concert or a recital for example.

However, the choice of an instrument pendant is not limited to the saxophone and the violin. Depending on your tastes and your favorite instruments , it is possible to opt for guitar, trombone, accordion, bagpipe and even flute pendants. It all depends on your preferences.

A Note Pendant

Like the treble clef, a pendant representing a note is a great reference to music. Its use makes it possible to notify (or not) of a great mastery of scores and codes of musical composition. It is possible to opt for accent, tie, accidental or dot notes. It can also be a note:

  • of do,
  • of re,
  • of mi.

The choice of one or the other will depend on the tastes of each and the size of the pendant that one wishes to wear .

A Bracelet with a Representation of Tuba

To add a little touch of elegance to an outfit without falling into eccentricity, choosing a bracelet is the best option to consider. It is a piece of jewelry that allows you to show off your arms , especially in summer with short-sleeved tops.

However, it is important to bet on discretion, the objective being to aim for elegance and sobriety. Unlike the pendant, it is not conspicuous and can blend into the outfit. A thin bracelet is therefore ideal for people who want to show their love for music without falling into extravagance.

The tuba is a relatively unknown instrument. Generally assimilated to the trumpet or the euphonium, it is more and more appreciated because of its low tones and its variations. Wearing a tuba bracelet is a way to show off one’s knowledge of the instrument and to highlight one’s love for wind instruments in general. In addition, a bracelet can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion.

All types of Jewelry bearing the image of a large cone

Apart from the tuba, it is possible to opt for a large cornet spit. When Jean Hilaire Aste invented this instrument, he probably did not imagine that it would become a reference in music and an essential cog in operas. Wearing a cornet jewel allows you to express your love of classical music . It is also a means of recognizing each other among initiates of this instrument.

The Necklace with Sheet Music

It is the ideal jewel for people looking for discretion. Less conspicuous than the pendant, the music score necklace combines elegance and sobriety. It can be an online score or a crate containing the score. It plays a role similar to the musical note pendant except for its stealth. It is also possible to use classic necklaces in musical note .

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