A Trousseau Filled With Wedding Salwar Kameez Suits!

A Trousseau Filled With Wedding Salwar Kameez Suits!

When I decided to get married, my family, especially the ladies in my family were most interested in my trousseau. From the moment the wedding date was finalised, their sole interest was in what kind of clothes I should have, what kind of accessories I should have, where the shoes should be purchased from, right down to the night suits! While I was happy to let my family participate in all the shopping, I knew that I wanted more wedding salwar kameez suits than sarees.

I have to be honest, I have nothing against sarees, but given that I always need help draping one, I knew that it would make a lot more sense to buy more salwar suits. Now the question was where to buy salwar suits which would look great on me, and make heads turn everywhere I went! My family and I walked in and out of innumerable stores, all around town, and while we found a few outfits that I really liked, I knew that I was a long way from creating the trousseau that I had in mind.

Although my family was dead against it, I was starting to consider the bridal salwar kameez online shopping option. I had been browsing several online fashion portals and I had seen a few outfits that had really caught my attention, and even though I was not willing to accept the same to my family, I had my doubts whether they would fit me and more importantly, look good on me. At a regular store, I at least had the option of trying the outfit on and posing in front of a mirror, but when you shop online, there is always the chance that it is not what you thought it would be.

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And then one day, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of India Emporium! This was literally like a wonderland for me, where I had clothes that I could have only imagined about. There were not only huge collections of wedding salwar kameez suits, but also everything else that a bride to be needs and wants. From lehengas to anarkalis, from jewellery to footwear, there was so much to choose from, that I knew that I was going to do a major part of my wedding shopping here.

What was truly wonderful was that I could have clothes custom made, something that a rare few other online shopping portals offer!

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