Abaya Fashion

Abaya Fashion

Abaya which is an Arabic word for ‘Cloak’ is a simple, loose over-garment worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world. This is how Wikipedia defines this word literally but being in this business for some time, I have come to two different conclusions which contradict with ‘Wike-Abaya-Definition’.

One that Abaya is worn across the globe, though people call it with different names in different regions. For example, in India, most of the people still call it Burqa. But when you call it “Burqa’’ or “Niquab” it automatically means a ‘Loose Black Islamic Clothing’ which covers your whole body and your curves are not noticeable.

That’s my second point where I differ from ‘Wike-Abaya-Definition’. Abaya these days does not means a Burqa or Niquab and it is not only worn by Muslims alone. Abaya is just a Modest Clothing for women and it has nothing to do with Islam. I ll say that it is a ‘Fusion’ of Burqa and Western Dresses and it is being liked and worn by people of all beliefs but surely Muslims remain the main target for all Abaya sellers.

Do not confuse Abaya with an Islamic Wear. Being a Muslim, I know that Islamic teachings would not allow you to wear a ‘’slim fit-colourful Abayas’’ with embellishments and embroideries and frills etc.

So, what is an Abaya? I ll say, Abaya is a beautiful and elegant option of Modest Clothing worn by women who want to be in vogue and go with the trend but also believe in their cultural values and modesty. Abaya is a great replacement for a Maxi or a Gown or many types of Western and Ethnic wear clothing. Abayas are made in all kinds of fabrics and in various cuts and silhouettes but ‘Modesty’ remains the integral part of the garment and that’s where it differs from western wear or other ethnic garments.

For decades, Abaya customers have always longed for Dubai Abayas or Saudi Abayas as wearing Abaya is the part of their culture and they have always been evolving when it comes to new patterns and designs but in recent years, India has gone too far when it comes to designing and no doubt, the prices are very very affordable for Indian Abayas when compared to Dubai Abayas.

Within a span of two to three years, I have seen many boutiques becoming a name in the market and I ll not be exaggerating if I say that few of them are on their journey t become global brands soon. I have just encountered a brand “Mushkiya”, which is growing day by day and starting from Delhi, they are reaching customers across the globe through very Online portals and their own https://mushkiya.com/.

Their Abayas are beautifully designed, offering around 84 size and length options for different body shapes and the prices are so affordable that you ll not think twice to buy a couple of them even if you are not planning to.

Similarly, there are many others who are doing quite well in the market too.

Latest Abaya Collection at www.mushkiya.com JPG-4JPG-16JPG-35JPG-56

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