When It Is Appropriate to Buy a Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

When It Is Appropriate to Buy a Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

For many people, buying an engagement ring is the most important purchase he or she will ever make. There isn’t just pressure to get down on one knee propose, but to also find a ring that reflects the recipient and represents the loving relationship. Sometimes, buying the right ring carries more pressure than that moment of asking someone to marry you.

To prepare for actually purchasing an engagement ring, most people spend time doing research on clarity, cut, color, and carat. This tells the buyer a lot about diamonds, but very little about style and setting for that expensive diamond. A great deal of that information can’t be found online, but must be based on the personality and personal style of the recipient. However, if your search for the right engagement ring has led you to look at handmade, nature-inspired engagement rings, there are certain signs this is the right style for your loved one.

She Said She Wants Something Unique
Many brides do not want to receive the standard setting and diamond available at traditional jewelry stores. These are the rings found on the hands of thousands of women across the country, and while beautiful and attractive, say very little about individual personality. More and more women are asking for something more unique, such as Handmade Nature Inspired Engagement Rings.

If your loved one has expressed a desire to receive something out of the ordinary and more personal to her individual style, then these rings could be right for you. A great place to find nature-inspired rings is from New Jersey-based artisan, Olivia Ewing. These rings are truly unique. Each piece is hand-crafted and created to look distinct from anything else on the market today. For a woman who has asked for a singular, stunning engagement ring – the options at Olivia Ewing are ideal.

The Beauty of Nature Is Incorporated into Her Personal Style
Many shoppers who decide to purchase a nature-inspired engagement ring do so because the fascinating shape and construction reflect the recipient’s personal style. Often, the recipient owns and wears other natural and ethical jewelry or is conscious of purchasing from environmentally friendly brands.

As well, many purchasers who browse the collections of handmade, nature-inspired engagement rings online feel these rings reflect the recipients earthy qualities. Each of these rings was inspired by the vines, branches, flowers, and other fauna found in nature. It is as if these rings were constructed from parts of these natural materials. That fits well on the finger of a person who also identifies with the outdoors and environment.

It Is Important to Find Something Handcrafted
The modern jewelry industry has lost many of its traditional artisans. Most stores sell prefabricated rings that come with all the elements predetermined and mass produced. Even when you choose a specific diamond, it is placed in a setting similar to all the others available in the store. This creates a billion dollar industry, but it doesn’t allow for true artistry and craft to flourish.

When you turn to independent craftspeople, you receive a more genuine piece of jewelry. This can be a motivating factor for many purchasers. You know the engagement ring you receive was created just for your loved one, and it was done with care. Given that an engagement ring is a lasting symbol of love and commitment, it should be a ring that is made of those same values.

Where to Find Handmade Engagement Rings?
If you are searching for the perfect handmade engagement ring, visit the gallery of Olivia Ewing. Olivia creates stunning jewelry that is inspired by the surrounding nature and its various qualities. You can find all of her handmade rings online at www.oliviaewing.com.

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