Best Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow More Pigmented

Best Tips To Make Your Eyeshadow More Pigmented

You are not the only one who is struggling to get the perfect eyeshadow. No doubt, these shadows look amazing in the palette. When you are going to apply it, they may fail to get the same vibrancy to your eyelids.

No need to worry if you feel like getting a dull look even after applying your eyeshadow. You can make it look more vibrant and pigmented. Let’s have a look at some of the ways on how to make eyeshadow more pigmented.

When it comes to applying eye makeup, playing with colors is really great fun. But, this fun gets faded quickly when your colors do not show up as pigmented on the eyes. Luckily, there are a few trusted eye makeup tips that can help you make your eyeshadow appear more pigmented on your lid.

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#1. Prime your eyes with concealer

It is very important to know that concealer is not the only thing to brighten up your under eyes and to cover blemishes or breakouts. You have to prep your eyes with a concealer having at least two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. It will work great in making the shadow more pigmented and pop a lot more.

When you use a concealer, it means you are hiding any discoloration on your lid and smoothing your lid out. Hence, it results in creating a bright and smooth base for your eyeshadow to contrast against.

Also, make sure to use a matte concealer formula on your lid as it can help in controlling oily skin. You must know that most eyelids are naturally oily, which can cause your eyeshadow to move around and to the crease.


#2. Use an eyeshadow primer

It is always a good idea to use an eyeshadow primer to keep your eye makeup stay in place for the whole day. If you want to add vibrancy to your eye makeup, you have to choose the right primer that ensures to create the results you are looking for. The experts recommend skipping using any translucent primer; instead, you have to look for an eye primer containing a bit of pigment.

The specific eye primers help in making shadows look more pigmented as these primers are formulated with additional elements that help in setting everything on your eyelids. At the same time, you should know that primers without pigment only work on making shadows last longer. They are not effective in making eyeshadow more pigmented.

#3. First stamp, then blend

When you use eyeshadow, you must know the right method of applying your shadow as it can make a great difference to your eye makeup. When you apply eyeshadow, make sure not to blend it using a brush immediately. Before this step, you have to stamp the eyeshadow and then blend it.

Blending eyeshadow first means you will not see a lot of colors. On the other hand, stamping first using a shader makeup brush will result in getting more products on your eyelid effectively. Always keep in mind when you can have more products on the lid, you can have more colors as well. Once you are done with enough colors, and then start blending.

#4. Get makeup setting spray on brush

One of the best ways to learn how to make eyeshadow more pigmented is to use makeup setting spray on your brush. After spraying, apply it immediately on the lid. Make sure to spray just a bit of setting spray on your brush. It should be in such a way that it damps the brush, and doesn’t make it wet.

Then, tap the same brush into the eyeshadow you want to apply and stamp it onto the eye. This step not only helps in making your eyeshadow look brighter but will also work great in making it stay for longer. The makeup experts say that this eye makeup technique works more effectively on shimmery shades than matte shades.

#5. Use layering

Another way to make eyeshadow more pigmented is to try layering of different types of shadow. You have the choice to use a powder shadow first, then you can use a liquid eyeshadow over it to get the right pigment. Another method is to use a cream eyeshadow as the first step and then use a powder to boost pigmentation.

#6. Using white shadow or pencil as the base

There is no doubt that using a concealer or a pigmented primer works effectively in getting vivid results. Another way is to use a white base coat onto the lid with the help of white eyeshadow or creamy white eyeliner. This is a great quick fix if you have no makeup setting spray, concealer, or primer.

#7. Try to use cream and liquid formulas

If you want to get a super pigmented eye makeup look, try to use cream shadows, sticks, and even liquid eyeshadows rather than using powder formulas. These eyeshadows are more pigmented than the powder formulas and also look great without extra steps or effort.

You can create how to make the eyeshadow more pigmented process easier and smoother with these simple to use ways. Don’t forget to use the right products for the perfect look.

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