Short Vs. Long Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Pick the Right One for Your Girls

Short Vs. Long Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Pick the Right One for Your Girls

Choosing bridesmaid dresses for your girls is a tricky task. You should take into account several factors, including your wedding theme, style, color scheme, location, and personal taste. Are you missing something in between? Yes, and it is the length. For many girls, it is a tough decision. Maybe you are tying the knot in July, but you love long, graceful dresses that showcase elegance. Perhaps you prefer short and simple dresses, your girls are not comfortable in this.

If you are in dilemma and finding it difficult to decide between short and long bridesmaid dresses, then consider some factors before making the final decision. Let’s explore –

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1. The Formality of Your Wedding

It is one of the primary things that can help you choose the right dresses for your leading ladies. If your wedding will take place in the church, then wearing covered dresses will be right for your girls. You can ensemble them in full-length gowns or high-neckline or sleeves dresses. But if your wedding is more low-key, like the backyard of your home, short dresses like knee-length styles will fit properly.

2. The Season And Climate

Another critical thing to keep in mind! There is nothing worse than wearing short, sleeveless dresses on a cold wintry day and taking outdoor pictures or wearing full-sleeve long gowns on a scorching summer evening. Be aware of the possible temperatures and weather conditions during the month you are getting married. If you want to break the conventional norm, make sure to provide your bridesmaid with the necessary means to be comfortable. If that needs arranging something more like arranging electric fans or cardigans, arrange this. Your girls will appreciate this.

3. The Heights of Your Girls

Not all girls are the same. And in your bridal squad, you have girls of all sizes and heights. For making sure that everyone looks their best, ask them about their preferences and order accordingly. If most of your girls are of short or medium heights, floor-length dresses will make them look great. But if most of your girls are tall, long dresses make them look taller. And all designers don’t offer extra length on their dresses. So, considering height is important for you.

4. Your Preferred Fabric

Some fabrics look great in certain lengths. For example, structured fabrics like satin and taffeta look better in short styles than full-length ones. The same is applicable for lace too. On the flip, chiffon looks great in both lengths. But when choosing chiffon bridesmaid dresses, brides prefer to opt for full-length designs as it creates a romantic and whimsical look. So, considering the fabric is equally important for you.

When picked properly both long and short gowns can give a one-of-a-kind look to your girls. So, now choose a reputable bridal store that offers chiffon, sequin, or lace bridesmaid dresses along with various other styles and pick the right ones today!

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