5 Reasons Why We Should Buy Second-Hand Designer Kids Clothes

5 Reasons Why We Should Buy Second-Hand Designer Kids Clothes

The thought of buying second-hand clothing for your child was a dirty little secret, which was only talked about in dimmed lights and hushed voices. But today, the trend of a second-hand boutique is more in demand than ever before. It is so popular that if you notice any child in a very fashionable and trendy outfit, it is almost with certainty that you can guess the child is wearing a pre-loved item to complete their outfit. Today, the second-hand designer boutique store is not a dirty word any longer; it is the key to dressing comfortably and fashionable, along with being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Now you can afford better stuff for yourself

Second-hand items can indeed save you from ugly and cheap things. Buying new designer clothing can be expensive, but with used kids’ clothes in UAE, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. And it is not like that your child will fit into the same clothing a year later. Kids keep growing until a certain age. Then what is the point of buying a designer dress if they cannot wear it more than once? And, we all love our money, so why not save a bit and spend it on something that will last long or is a little more worthy.

You are helping in the prevention of environmental devastation

What seems perfect for your child may seem unperfect for another, and vice-versa. Consider the amount of labor and natural resources that go into the making of new designer clothing. If the garment is of natural fibers like cotton, then the land, water, the pesticides for the crop, are all from our home, the planet. And if the garment has animal fibers like leather and wool, then there is a concern regarding methane released in the atmosphere. Also, the animals are most likely cruelly treated. The list fabrics are endless, which includes polyester, dyed clothing, and whatnot. All these put a strain on the environment in the long run.

Reduce the size of the landfills

More than often, fast fashion garments are poorly made. Manufacturers use substandard materials to lower the costing of the garments. So people usually throw these barely worn garments, and thus fill the landfills, once the season is over. But, when you buy second-hand designer clothes, you are paying peanuts for luxury and quality clothing which your child can enjoy until the clothes don’t fit them anymore.

You are opposed to funding the child labor or the slave industry

If you take a peek into the tag of your garment to check the country of manufacture, you are most likely to find it is some country in Africa or Asia. In these countries, human rights are not a priority and labour is cheaper than you can ever imagine. You have the power to do away with unfair trade, once you choose to buy second-hand clothing for your kid and you.

You are supporting your local economy and creativity

Instead of funding multi-million dollar companies, why not help someone who has a dream just like you. You are encouraging the growth of local businesses and the economy. Buying second-hand outfits allow you to find unique and creative pieces that you can always mix and match and create your unique look for your child, and stand out in the crowd.

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