Styling Up Your Abaya in More Ways Than One

Styling Up Your Abaya in More Ways Than One

Every culture, religion, faith and region has its own style of dressing just like they have their unique customs. It is a trend to look back to the past for reference as well as criticise certain practices that do not match with our modern day thinking pattern. It is good to have discussions and debates, but there is no point in judging what someone chooses to wear.

Abayas are an essentially attires for Muslim women. But there are women around the world who voluntarily choose to wear them because of the style factor. If you thought that abayas could not be styled, well then, think again. If you have the proper fashion sense, you can buy abaya online cheap and transform your look into a glamorous one. Love to wear abayas or want to try one out? Here are some tips that will help you style up your abaya in more ways than one:

  1. Abayas are long and flowing and hence they always look good when paired with heels. Always make sure that you have a pair of high heels at home that you are comfortable walking in. Since abayas are pretty long you will have to know how to carry it with the heels, which makes it easier. In order to make a fashion statement, you can wear contrasting colour shoes with your abaya, like say pairing a cream coloured abaya with bright red high heels and so on.
  2. Generally, abayas are worn very loose, but if you want to add a little curve to this style of dressing then you can always pair it up with a nice belt. If you want a statement piece then wear a broad and brocaded belt with a nice buckle. If you want to keep it simple go for a same coloured narrow belt that will highlight your curves and not the belt itself. If you want to keep it loose but want to add a fashion piece to it, then you always have the option of pairing it up with a nice jewelled broach. While belts are ideal for informal outings, broaches make the perfect accessory for a formal evening.
  3. If you want to experiment with colours and prints then you can purchase the latest abayas online. Since abayas are single coloured, make sure that the colour that you choose goes well with your skin tone or it might mar the entire look.
  4. Headscarves are the perfect way to style up your abayas. You can either go for a contrasting colour or you can opt for a same coloured headscarf if you are wearing a black or cream coloured abaya. Pair it up with red lipstick and high heels and step out like a fashion diva.
  5. If you want to try out something modern and formal, then go for abayas with long stripes. These will not only accentuate your height but also give you the perfect office look.

There are more ways to style your abaya. Get one for yourself today and let your fashion instincts fly!

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