How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones

How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Indian Skin Tones

Are you an India? Do you wish to stay beautiful? How will you go about it? Along with the makeup, dress and other accessories, hair colour plays a vital role as well. You must be viewing the Hollywood stars and people from western countries to get beautiful colours on their hair. But, you are not sure whether those colours will suit you or not. The best herbal hair colour in India is now available at the Indus valley site.

Ways to choose the right hair color for Indian skin tones

1. Check your skin tone

Not all hair colours are made for people with all skin tone. Thus, in order to choose the right hair colour, it is very important to know that skin tone you have.  Following is the technique to check your skin tone.

  • If you become red after standing under the sun for long time, it means your skin tone is cool
  • Again, if you become tan as soon as you stand under the sun for long hours, you will have a warm skin tone.

2. Colours that compliment your skin tone

You can easily follow some of the hair trends in this regard. But, it is very important to make sure that those complement your skin tone. One of the tip for it to choose such a colour that is either one or two shade darker or lighter than your original hair colours. There is wide range of colour tones in Herbal henna color. It is the time for you to choose the best color that suites you.

3. Match the colour with eyes

Also, your eye colour can be one of the wonderful considerations for the hair colour selection will be your eye colour. Normally, the Indian have black eye colour. Now, the natural hair colour can be black as well. But, you need a colour that is different but matches your image. The nearby colours are brown and burgundy. Again, if the eye colour is brown or green, you can choose blonde hair colour tones.

4. Hair colour match with warm and cool tones

Individuals with warmer tones must have a particular type of hair colour that may not match with the individuals who have cool tone of hair colour. Normally, if you have cool skin tone, the hair colour that can suit you is walnut brown. Again, another group of people may have warm skin tone. All those people can try the colours like copper, etc.

5. Funky hair colors

Some people are comfortable with funky style. Thus, for them the Herbal henna colour can be little different. For example, they won’t care whether and which color will suit your skin tone. They can simply try the colors like green, blue, and pink, purple, red.

Also, while choosing the color for Indian skin, the consideration of herbal and organic hair color is important. The Herbal henna colour is here for you today. You can log on to the Indus valley site and get the best hair colors.

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