Complete Machinery Set Up For Garment Manufacturing

Complete Machinery Set Up For Garment Manufacturing

When you think of running a garment manufacturing business, you have to gather a lot of information about things needed to be done. You have to start up with the market research and eventually end up with the complete plan. 

Once you make a total estimate, you need to gather basic machinery and equipment to carry out your business’s operations. There is a wide range of machinery from apparel manufacturing, making design to packing stuff. What type of machine your business wants depends on the niche or product and variety you will serve and, most importantly, your investment capability. 

If you are a small-scale business and don have much investment to make, you can purchase used or affordable machines from Asset Plant & Machinery to start your business at a low cost.

Here is information on all types of machines that you may need for your business, which involves processes like sample designing, pattern making, fabric manufacturing, fabric cutting, stitching, pressing, folding, and packing. 

Designing And Pattern Making Machines

The first and the foremost step in manufacturing a finished garment starts from its designing phase. First, the pattern can be made manually, or you can take helo from the software. Then this pattern is passed on to be traced by the machines and then printed on the fabric in coming stages. 

Fabric inspection

In garment production, the quality of fabric plays an important role and costs more than 60% of the total cost of a finished garment. There are many machines and equipment such as Fabric GSM machines, mete scales, color cabinets, sample washing machines to test the fabric’s color strength, and so many that you can set up in the factory for fabric testing.

Cutting machines

Once the fabric is tested, and the pattern is printed on the material, the next phase is cutting the fabric according to the design through various cutting machines. For cutting the fabric, first, you need the big cutting tables in which the whole fabric will be folded and then cut into a pattern. 

Then for cutting several fabric piles, you can use round knife cutting machines, and for cutting small prints, you can use band knife cutting machines, which are very helpful for small garment cutting. Some of the fabric cutting machines are:

  • Manual cutting machines
  • Ply number machines.
  • Straight knife cutting machine
  • Round knife cutting machine
  • Notcher machines
  • Drill machines
  • Computerized machines

Stitching Machines

Stitching or sewing machines are the most crucial components of the garment factory, without which you cannot produce a complete and finished garment. They are considered the heart of the garment manufacturing factory. 

For garment stitching, there are many automatic and semi-automatic machines that carry the sewing operations for a different kind, such as sewing pockets of the jeans, attaching pockets to the jackets, and so on. 

Finishing Machines

Once the fabric is stitched, it needs proper checking. Finishing machines in the rooms carry out the operations such as finding defects, repairing garments, removing extra threads, pressing and folding the garments and moving them to the packing machines.

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