Crop Top Lehenga is the Way to Go for the Perfect Summer Wedding

Crop Top Lehenga is the Way to Go for the Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer weddings have been on top of the list for most brides, frankly because you have the freedom to wear whatever you want and you do not need to cover up your fashionable attire. Crop top lehenga designs are both stylish and practical because they save you from the scorching summer heat. They are versatile and can be worn at a variety of occasions. Top designers have made stunning lehengas with crop tops which have been adorned by socialites and bollywood celebrities as well. The highlight of this attire is that they are both traditional and western and this is achieved by giving the dupatta a miss. The following points will help you pick out the best crop top lehenga that suits your sense of style to make you look absolutely breathtaking at the next wedding function.

High waist skirt and blouses

After a fulfilling winter spent gorging on cakes and hot chocolate, you might not be ready to flaunt your summer body. A high waisted skirt comes to your rescue. It is also a boon for women who do not wish to reveal much skin. Wearing a high waisted skirt with relaxed blouses is both breezy and comfortable. You can opt for a net jacket which you can throw over the choli during the events in the evening.



Pastels have been the talk of the town for quite some time. The colours are elegant and sophisticated. They are an exception from the regular colour code of weddings. Pastels make you stand out from the crowd and also makes the fabric look effortless on your body. You can compliment these shades with beachy waves and a natural dewy face. The colours look lovely on all kinds of skin tones and is fittingly perfect for boho themed or destination weddings.

Long sleeve

crop top lehengas2

Long sleeves with a cropped top gives continuity to the silhouette and makes the jewellery on your neck look more appealing. A simple yet extravagant neckpiece is all you need to uplift your outfit and be on top of your insta game.

Play with the neckline

12_ V-Neck Pattern

There are a lot of ways to make your outfit stand out from the rest of the crowd, and the most subtle way of doing it is playing with your neckline. There are a myriad of necklines available on websites like pinterest which are both stylish and interesting. You can opt for camisoles, V- or U- necked tops, lacy embroidered blouses teamed up with flowing skirts or cap sleeves.

Backs and tie ups


Since crop tops are similar to cholis without a dupatta, you can play with the designs on the back. You can use an embroidered back for tops in solid colours or net and lace backs for tops in pastel colours. You can also opt for tied up tops with a low cut neckline which is both risky and bold and will make a statement. A crisscross back can also be an option to jazz up your outfit.

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