Difference Between Polo T-Shirt and T-Shirts

Difference Between Polo T-Shirt and T-Shirts

What is T-shirt?

A t-shirt is unisex casual wear preferred by all. The name T-shirt or Tee came from its shape. If you widespread a t-shirt on a flat surface it looks like the English letter ‘T’. They are usually made of cotton. They mostly come in a collarless design and hence can only be used for some casual encounters and not for any formal or semi-formal purposes.

T-shirts were mostly available in round neck style and it was mainly used as undershirts. But nowadays, they are used as separate clothing also. T-shirts are nowadays available in V-neck style also. T-shirts for men are available in a wide range of solid colours. There are t-shirts with front prints as well flaunting scenery, pictures of famous characters, cartoons, and slogans, etc. T-shirts are available in various styles and lengths but waist height being the most common length for them.

What is polo T-shirt?

A polo t-shirt is a typical type of t-shirt which comes with a collar and a placket holding two to three buttons right under the collar. The name polo t-shirt came from the game of Polo. Polo t-shirts for men were used by Polo players initially. Gradually men started using them while playing other games like tennis and golf as well. Polo t-shirts for men are available in various shapes and styles. They look nice in solid colours. They are also available in simple patterns like checks and stripes.


  • General t-shirts are made of light fabric and mostly woven cotton cloth, whereas polo t-shirts can be made of knitted cloth, merino wool, interlock & pique cotton, synthetic material, or even silk.
  • General t-shirts come without a collar, whereas polo t-shirts have a collar and a placket for holding buttons.
  • General t-shirts can only be used as casual wear, whereas polo t-shirts can be used for formal and semi-formal purposes with jeans and solid cotton trousers.
  • General t-shirts are never made of polyester, whereas polo t-shirts can be made of polyester altogether.
  • General t-shirts come with U-neck and V-neck designs, whereas polo t-shirts always come with collars.
  • General t-shirts provide a square and stockier look, whereas polo t-shirts provide a smart & slender look.
  • General t-shirts have a loose and casual design, whereas polo t-shirts have a fitted design with a slim waist cut.
  • General t-shirts are mostly available in single solid colours which look quite monotonous and common, whereas polo t-shirts are available in multicolour options like the sleeves are having one colour and the chest has a different colour. They look more attractive and stylish as compared.
  • General t-shirts can come with front prints consisting of some slogans, pictures or cartoons, whereas polo t-shirts can never have that casual look.
  • General t-shirts are mostly made by local and non-famous brands and hence do not provide good quality or durability, whereas polo t-shirts are available from famous sports brands and they can last for years maintaining the exact colour and fit.
  • The material of general t-shirts cannot soak perspiration much and hence look dirty & clumsy after a few hours of usage, whereas polo t-shirts have exceptional moisture management capabilities and hence look fresh & dry for a whole sunny day.
  • The material of general t-shirts is not processed before manufacturing and hence can easily have stains in case of any spill over on the t-shirt, whereas polo t-shirts’ materials are often processed before manufacturing to easily remove stains in case of any spill over.
  • General t-shirts can be worn in loose fit even by a skinny person, whereas polo t-shirts are always worn in the right fit to look stylish.

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