Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Handmade Twig Ring and Other Jewelry Online

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Handmade Twig Ring and Other Jewelry Online

From a Handmade Twig Ring to wedding bands and diamond necklaces, if you’re in the market for jewelry, you can bet there is a shop you can purchase from online. While there are a variety of perks to shopping online, it is essential to understand the potential pitfalls. Otherwise, your experience could end up being a very unpleasant one. To help with a smoother overall process, remember these helpful tips:

DO: Shop Around Before Purchasing

One of the best parts of shopping online is the ability to look around. You can check out competitors to find out if you are getting a good deal, whether another store has something better in your price range, or even finding answers to the small details you may not understand. After all, the information you require is just a click away.

DON’T: Buy From Websites Without Return Policies

Always make sure you have the option to return any unwanted items. If a company doesn’t have a return policy, this should set off the warning bells of potential problems. In most cases, this will leave you vulnerable and, while it may sound like a great deal, you won’t get a refund if your purchase isn’t as anticipated.

DO: Enjoy the Large Selections

Shopping online offers an assortment of options you just can’t find anywhere else and is more extensive than any jewelry catalog or retailer. By purchasing online, you can not only discover the selections retailers have in store but also rare pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

DON’T: Make a Purchase Unless It Is From a Secure Site

It doesn’t matter if you are buying jewelry, clothes, toys, or some random item; always check to see if the site is secure before making your purchase. Typically this information is located in the footer of the web page. If the data is not available, check the website’s URL on the checkout page. Secure websites will begin with “HTTPS,” while unsecured sites begin with “HTTP.”

DO: Make Sure Your Selection Is What You Want

Jewelry returns are different than other options. In many cases, it can take a significant amount of time to get a replacement or a refund. Therefore, you should never purchase anything unless you are sure it is what you want.

DON’T: Guess Your Ring Size

While it can be easy to justify ordering a ring (without a specific size) just to get the deal when a website has a good return policy, you should NEVER guess at the ring size you want to purchase. In most situations, even with the best return policies, you will have to wait for the ring to be adjusted to wear it. However, some rings (ex. a handmade twig ring, specific metals, etc.) are unable to be resized; and you could be stuck having to purchase an entirely different ring to get what you want.

DO: Check Your Wait Times
While it is fast and simple to go online, choose an option, and finish your transaction, unlike retail stores where you can sometimes bring the piece home the same day (depending upon customization options), it takes time to receive your order. Always remember to consider how long it will take to get your purchase. Look at the shipping options. Do they ship same day, or will they require additional processing time before sending you your purchase? Make sure to take this into account before making your purchase. After all, you would hate to make a purchase only to find out it won’t arrive in time for your special event.

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